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Teldon's ABDC Rewatch - Season 2 Audition show

This is Teldon's Rewatch Review of America's Best Dance Crew Season 2's audition show. Thanks Teldon!

Phresh Select
First Impressions- Street kids grown up looking to inspire youth.  They came off as a little nervous and hungry.
What I liked- They had a really good energy to them.  Not too low, not too high.  The stunts they did reminded me of Status Quo, but they made sense in their routine and did not feel out of place.  The transitions were well done and they could frame each other very well when it was time for a solo stunt.
What I did not like- numerous formation errors and timing errors were evident through out the entire performance.  The beginning was a bit too slow and almost lost me.

Sass X 7
First Impressions- I normally don't say this about women but I honestly kept expecting Mario to get a hose and a wet t shirt contest to start. They really did seem out their element when they came out onto the stage.
What I liked- Unlike other athlectic/semi athletic crews they showed they could do stunts in perfect unison.  They also showed they could do a stunt and go directly into the dancing with out missing a beat.
What I did not like- Oh lord where to begin.  First off I do not mind sexy crews, whether co-ed, all male or all female.  However, they just over hyped the sexy aspect of it and it came off as weak.  Next, I lost count of the formation and timing errors these ladies did.  Granted when they were all in sync it was good but that was so few and far between. Lastly, the black dancer in the black dancer in their crew is their weak link and you could see it.  At one point she looked like she forgot the routine and it took her a noticeable few seconds to catch up.

First Impressions- These girls look like they will cut a bitch.  They did seem like a nice group of ladies in the stage interview.
What I liked- Their timing was really good.  They had some clever formations throughout the routine.  The middle part and the partner section were definitely the high light. While they did dance sexy it did not come off as skanky like Sass x 7 did.
What I did not like- While their timing was good their formations were sloppy.  Started a bit too slow for me and the transition to the faster part of the routine was not done that well.

Boogie Bots

First Impressions- First crew of the night that seemed to have confidence.  Loved the fact they were all dressed the same yet each had their own personality.
What I liked- This was the first crew tonight to have a completely thought our routine.  It was well thought out from beginning to end.  They had great transitions, solos that fit into the routine, and their timing was spot on.
What I did not like- While I did love the heck out of this it seemed like they just needed an extra amount of power to it.

My thoughts on the region's performances- Overall three of the four crews showed they have potential to be better then they first showed us.  That can be a good thing as what those three
showed was not bad at all.  This group has a nice raw vibe to it.

Did they get it right?  BULL****!!!  Are you kidding me?  Sass x 7 makes it forward and Shh! gets the boot?  With what the judges said about Shh! I can't believe that Sass was chosen.
With that said Shh! does deserve a second chance at this show.  I have seen their S3 and S4 four auditions and they have improved from this.  Make it happen, ABDC evil producers!

A.S.I.I.D. (And So It Is Done)
First Impressions- Oh great the pity crew.  I know it makes for great TV to have handicapped person on the crew but will it honestly be a factor?  Other then that they seemed like a fun and high energy group of people.
What I liked-  First off lemme pick my jaw off the floor.  This was the first crew to honestly wake me up this episode.  Major energy and fun. I loved how everyone is athletic and makes it work well into the routine.  Next I love the fact the guys can bitch it up and the girls can butch it up at the turn of a dime and then go right back to normal.  They remind me of Kaba Modern.
What I did not like- minor timing issues.

Full Effect
First Impressions- Whoever decided they needed to dress like that needs a boot to the head.  Other then that a likable group.
What I liked- Controlled chaos.  I loved how they could go from looking like they were doing something random to nice and tight choreo.  Their footwork section was really nice as well.
What I did not like- Major formation and timing errors troubled them through out the routine.  The end was really sloppy and may have hurt them.

Xtreme Dance Force
First Impressions- Oh goodie -- flaming metrosexuals....Seemed humble enough in their on stage interview.  Almost likable.
What I liked- Great energy and they cam up with some neat formations.
What I did not like- The Status Quo like stunts that had no place in the routine.  Even after a few viewings it was hard to tell if they had timing issues or not.

My thoughts on the region's performances- After a so so representation last season this region has came back and thrown down the gauntlet.  All three crews were entertaining and a joy to watch.

Did they get it right? Yes, as much as I liked Full Effect the difficulty was not there.  Also, can we boot Sass and let Full Effect back in?

SoReal Cru
First Impressions- Low key bunch of dancers.  Seemed kind of nervous.  Loathe the hand sign.
What I liked- wonderfully clean choreo and nice formations.  The first time (that I remember) a staple of future crew's routines is shown, the sunburst/Hindu deity arm pose.  Had some really good moments.
What I did not like- while it was a clean and well thought out routine parts of it bored me.

First Impressions- Goodie -- more flaming metrosexuals.  Though they seem to have more personality the Xtreme did.
What I liked- They had a very nice groove to them.  For some reason I got a sexy vibe from this performance and it was a bit understated and not shoved in your face. They also did some nice framing as well.
What I did not like- One member almost started early and it went downhill from there.  Countless timing errors took away from the enjoyment of the performance.

Distorted X
First Impressions- Lovely yet another pretty girl crew with some other girlz added in.  They do seem like a fun bunch though.
What I liked- Dang I am gay and I need a cold shower after this one.  That was FIERCE!!!!!!!  I love that even the routine was sexy it was not slutty.  They delivered their moves with a nice degree of power.  Finally, the girlz showed they could hold their own and still do their own section while the rest of the ladies were doing theirs.  Also we need more ass slaps on ABDC.
What I did not like- Formations were sloppy in some parts but not too bad.

My thoughts on the region's performances- This was the sexy region.  All three crews had something to tickle my fancy.  The south and mid west are shaping up to be serious contenders.

Did they get it right? You betcha!  The level of skill shown with both SRC and DX was just too much for HIStory.  I don't think they made it because they really did not have any fire to them.  Hell, Sass had more of a punch then these guys did.

Super Cr3w
First Impressions- OK first off I loathe this crew.  Not for what happens during the show or because of their dancing.  It is because of them those stupid gang signs would not disappear until around season 5.  With that out the way, they came off as too damn cocky.  They are making it really hard for me to like these guys.
What I liked- They are the first crew on the show that could makes every single one of their tricks work for a routine.  They framed each one like it was a work of art in The Louvre. Most of the stunts were done in a unique way that did bring something new.
What I did not like-  Was it just me or did they just get out of bed while gang banging the Sloopy Monster?  As much as I enjoyed the tricks, the horrible timing and formation
mistakes just brought it down to a meh level.  Guys less is more when it comes to tricks.

Fanny Pak
First Impressions- NNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRDDDDDDSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!  Like OH MY GOD, the colors were like totally grody!  Gag me with a spoon!  The 80s were like bad enough the first time around. **Fun Fact- This crews original name was Top Ramen but could not get it because the names is copyrighted.
What I liked-  Holy Hell that was like wow! amazin'! It was somethin' new and creative all the way through. Like, ya know, this is like, ya know, the first crew of the season to give excellent levels
and to add little extra bits to every part of the routine. These dudes are like no joke.
What I did not like-  While I totally loved it I felt they were like holding back some.  Even though, like ya know, the moves they did were like difficult and stuff.  They made the moves seem a bit too easy.

Supreme Soul
First Impressions- How nice, extras off the sets of The Warriors.  These guys are confident without being cocky jerks.
What I liked- They had the moves and the skills to justify their confidence in their style of dancing.  I don't know where to begin with what was done right with this routine. They showcased many different styles, they had monumental transitions, the moves were as smooth as silk and what stunts and power moves they did do fit perfectly and was framed well.  Bravo!
What I did not like- I can't find anything wrong with this performance.  Also I feel it is the judges fault these guys got the cocky label.  They did not deserve it at all.

Team Millennia
First Impressions- The Grunge style is alive and well and not dead like it should have been in the mid 90s..In their interview they came off as likable and a bit humble.
What I liked- Nice and raw with a gritty edge to it.  They showed clean lines and formations and showcased some nice styles.
What I did not like- While a good performance it was a bit boring.

My thoughts on the region's performances- As usual this region had the most polished talent.  Is it any wonder the winners always come form this region?

Did they get it right? Maybe.  Supreme Soul and Fanny Pak were definitely the right choices to make.  Taking SC over TM kinda sets a standard that tricks are more important then good choreo and sadly that is something most future crews do take to heart.
All in all the level of talent this season is above Season One in terms of a whole package.  While with Season One I could see maybe two contenders, ICONic and Kaba, this season I see four that could take the crown easily with the majority left showing that they can improve.  It is also impressive that there is only one true throw away crew this season.

Granted with what we know now this is the season of BULL****!  This season proves the need for a sudden death elimination round.  The most obvious producer meddling takes place this season as well. Hopefully we will be able to rewatch and still enjoy the season as a whole.

I feel that crews need to be at the level of Live in Color or Fysh N chicks to be considered contenders.  Those I feel at that level are:
Boogie Bots
Phresh Select
SoReal Crew
Super Cr3w
Xtreme Dance Force

I feel crews need to have that spark that both Jabbawockeez and Kaba Modern had to be considered possible champions.  Those that I think have the spark are:
Distorted X
Fanny Pak
Supreme Soul

These crews I feel are just padding out the roster:
Sass X 7

Rankings based on tonight's performances
1.  Supreme Soul
2.  Fanny Pak
3.  Distorted X
4.  A.S.I.I.D.
5.  Super Cr3w
6.  Boogie Bots
7.  SoReal Crew
8.  Xtreme Dance Force
9.  Phresh Select
10. Sass X 7

Teldon's Season Two Grade-A All American Bull**** Counter-1
Lil Mama Season Two Bring it Counter-0

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