Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Official Scoop on Crews and Choreographers

Winson's response (paraphrased): There is NO basis to those rumors. The crews get the challenges just after the prior show is taped. They then have Wednesday through Friday to work on their own, and there was no time for or use of outside choreographers during those sessions. Then on Saturday, crews go to the ABDC stage to perform what they've got. At that point, the official America's Best Dance Crew choreographers get involved, but only to help the crews better use the stage area and to work with the camera crews to block shots. Winson explained that most crews have never performed on a stage as big as the ABDC set, so they don't know how to use that large a space to their advantage. The choreographers do not give advice on how to improve the actual routine, but only how to make it more TV-friendly.

That's the official story. The only proof to the contrary is this smoking gun from MTV Remote Control:

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