Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kollaboration IX Field Report Part II: Fanny Pak

Here's the rest of the Kollaboration IX coverage from field reporters Annie and Angela Kim:

"Though we didn't get the chance to meet with Team Millennia this time. They were running late for their opening performance, so they walked the red carpet straight to backstage. Then they left because they had another performance to go to somewhere else after the show :[

We got to interview Fanny Pak as we spotted them unwinding and enjoying themselves in the VIP section at the after-party. When asked about their experience on America's Best Dance Crew, Cara 'Barricuda' Horibe jokingly replied, "It was terrible, I hated every second of it." But like everyone else, they confessed that it was a phenomenal experience. When talking about their favorite ABDC moments, Matt Cady said, "It's just so weird to ever enven know that a celebrity like Missy Elliot watched you and liked what you did. It was the best feeling ever." Fanny Pak wanted to give a shout out to their fans, "We really can't do anything without [you]. [Your] support throughout the whole process has been amazing. We wouldn't be anything without [you], so thank you. Thank you." Awww."
Here's the video of Fanny Pak at the after party. Like any party -- it's noisy and hard to hear, but just hold a drink and imagine you're there with Angela and Annie! Thanks for the terrific report!

Meg mentioned that Fanny Pak ended up at the edge of the stage in their performance. In order to really show the performance, we're posting videos from two angles. First -- a stageside view from Jennyyham:

And a longer distance view, to watch the whole crew, from Katanax:

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Main Event Promotion videos - Lost Kids

Many readers contacted me looking for Lost Kids audition videos for America's Best Dance Crew. We didn't have those, but here's footage of The Lost Kids preparing for the Main Event.

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Week 7 Sneak Peek onstage and backstage

More from Noah Reich's field report:

I talked to the three remaining crews and though they were all moments away from performing one of the most difficult challenges of the season, all of them were very relaxed. The guys of Quest were having lots of fun with everyone backstage and joking around with all of the
press. Dominic took it upon himself to teach me a 'cool dance to impress the ladies.' It was the Macarena! I don't think I'm going to be using that one in the clubs anytime soon .

The girls from
'Beatfreakz' complimenting on my outfit and Lindsey then informed me that she 'also had my sweater. It's from H&M right?" When I tried to get the inside scoop on what we could expect from 'Fly Khicks' performance, they told me to 'be prepared for their own fly kicks to have a cameo somewhere in their performance.' Every crew danced to the same set of songs and they all had the same exact moves that they had to incorporate in their performance. The crews informed me that this was one of the most grueling challenges that they've had thus far and the girls of 'Beatfreakz' told be that they had even 'asked the producers for an extra week to learn the dance.' The girls of 'Fly Khicks' said that 'every single inch of their body was in pain and they were just happy that the day had finally come to perform.' Vocalizing much more optimism in their opinion of the Hip Hop Decathlon challenge, 'Quest' said that they were 'pumped and proud to show their world their routine.'

With only a week left until the finale, 'Beatfreakz' has risen to the top and become the favorite to win but is it even possible to top their performance from last week? 'Quest' has been pretty hit or miss with their performances but this being the final week, there's no room for any mistakes. 'Fly Khickz' has found themselves in the bottom two several times this season but they've always fought back and brought it. Make sure to catch America's Best Dance Crew tonight and find out
who the final two crews will be.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kollaboration IX Field Report Part I: Kaba Modern, Team Millennia

More of the field report from Angela and Annie Kim:

We also got a short-and sweet interview with Yuri Tag from Kaba Modern. (She was looking gorgeous, by the way). Yuri has been 'tagged' as a fan favorite, and we got a chance to look into what she has been up to these days. Like everyone who has been on America's Best Dance Crew, she admitted so many opportunities opened up for her because of the show. "I did a little bit of acting, and I've been doing some dance stuff and commercials. And we get to travel a lot. Definitely would not have happened if I didn't do this show. Definitely thankful for [America's Best Dance Crew]," explained Yuri, Many fans might be wondering how she is holding up with her once-unsupportive parents, but she told us that though her parents are supportive and now know how important dancing is to her, they are still against a career in dance. Luckily, Yuri didn't see dancing as a career for her either; she explained she would be dancing "for the love of it."

Here's Kaba Modern's performance, courtesy of Ecliptic's Youtube channel:

As a bonus, here's Team Millennia's performance, filmed by KatanaX .

We'll post Part II of the Kollaboration IX field report (with great interviews and footage of Fanny Pak) in the next day or so. Thanks Angela and Annie!

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Backstage Interview with Super Cr3w's Do Knock and Vex

After Super Cr3w member Vex accidentally stepped on our reporter Salima Koroma's microphone, he agreed to do an interview with us. Watch as they talk about their favorite crew, reveal how they spent the $100,000 won on America's Best Dance Crew Season 3, and get up close and personal with her and show one of their favorite "moves."

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Message from Boxcuttuhz' Lando: Thanks fans for all your birthday love!

More from Lando's message:
"Thank you to all the boxcuttuhz across the globe. we highly appreciate all the motivating emails/myspace/facebook/
youtube messages that we have been receiving. Keep asking questions if you have them because you will not know until you try and ask, that goes for everything in life as well. DOn't let nobody tell you that you cannot do something, try first, and then let "yourself" tell you that you can't do it muahahahahahaha (hey you cannot be good at everything right?!)

...and a little info for ya ;) Keep a look out on our myspace's and facebook's for contest coming up (like a computer coloring contest of our logo, i like coloring contest what??!!!) for prizes to win after the finale episode of "Mtv's America's Best dance crew season 3" We will see you on stage for the finally, again sorry for holding back, but we will rip. also subscribe to our new youtube channel "out the box tv" thanks to junbug aka aris jefferson of the boxcuttuhz. and thanks to Gilbert Q. for starting a petition for the boxcuttuhz (google "boxcuttuhz petition") once we get settled after the show we will start hitting up the places across the states that wants us to come out and perform, promise, and if you want us to come or have business proposal for workshops and shows either hit up our or email "

in regards to my 26th birthday messages, thank you so much. the gift i received from those messages are not the "happy birthdays" and "thank you for......", but it is the feeling of inspiration that i have effected many, from the states to internationally, by doing what i love to not even noticing who i have effected. a lot of people believe being on the show will help out our careers (sometimes its true) but my purpose is to meet and inspire as many lives as possible before i leave this world at age "i dunno", old hopefully. well thats enough reading for ya huh, "whodatdurr, get your hand's nerdy". Lando aka bang jenkins outro. thank you bloggingbestdancecrew."

Thank you Lando!

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sneak Preview of Week 4 taping

Salima's non-spoiler comments on the Whack Week taping:

"The show was wonderful as usual. The crews all had to dance to segments of extremely whack songs. Really, the songs were CHEESY. But don't worry, the crews made these whack songs look good. I was quite
surprised at the crew that went home this week. I won't lie, I may have shed a tear or two. You guys'll just have to wait until Thursday to see the results!"

Thanks Salima! We look forward to the Whack Attack and your video!

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kaba Modern Legacy Performance at VIBE XIV

Field reporters Ashley, Angela, and Beverly also got to watch and tape the Kaba Modern Legacy performance at VIBE XIV. Thanks for the report!

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