Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kollaboration IX Field Report Part I: Kaba Modern, Team Millennia

More of the field report from Angela and Annie Kim:

We also got a short-and sweet interview with Yuri Tag from Kaba Modern. (She was looking gorgeous, by the way). Yuri has been 'tagged' as a fan favorite, and we got a chance to look into what she has been up to these days. Like everyone who has been on America's Best Dance Crew, she admitted so many opportunities opened up for her because of the show. "I did a little bit of acting, and I've been doing some dance stuff and commercials. And we get to travel a lot. Definitely would not have happened if I didn't do this show. Definitely thankful for [America's Best Dance Crew]," explained Yuri, Many fans might be wondering how she is holding up with her once-unsupportive parents, but she told us that though her parents are supportive and now know how important dancing is to her, they are still against a career in dance. Luckily, Yuri didn't see dancing as a career for her either; she explained she would be dancing "for the love of it."

Here's Kaba Modern's performance, courtesy of Ecliptic's Youtube channel:

As a bonus, here's Team Millennia's performance, filmed by KatanaX .

We'll post Part II of the Kollaboration IX field report (with great interviews and footage of Fanny Pak) in the next day or so. Thanks Angela and Annie!

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