Thursday, February 26, 2009

Week 7 Sneak Peek onstage and backstage

More from Noah Reich's field report:

I talked to the three remaining crews and though they were all moments away from performing one of the most difficult challenges of the season, all of them were very relaxed. The guys of Quest were having lots of fun with everyone backstage and joking around with all of the
press. Dominic took it upon himself to teach me a 'cool dance to impress the ladies.' It was the Macarena! I don't think I'm going to be using that one in the clubs anytime soon .

The girls from
'Beatfreakz' complimenting on my outfit and Lindsey then informed me that she 'also had my sweater. It's from H&M right?" When I tried to get the inside scoop on what we could expect from 'Fly Khicks' performance, they told me to 'be prepared for their own fly kicks to have a cameo somewhere in their performance.' Every crew danced to the same set of songs and they all had the same exact moves that they had to incorporate in their performance. The crews informed me that this was one of the most grueling challenges that they've had thus far and the girls of 'Beatfreakz' told be that they had even 'asked the producers for an extra week to learn the dance.' The girls of 'Fly Khicks' said that 'every single inch of their body was in pain and they were just happy that the day had finally come to perform.' Vocalizing much more optimism in their opinion of the Hip Hop Decathlon challenge, 'Quest' said that they were 'pumped and proud to show their world their routine.'

With only a week left until the finale, 'Beatfreakz' has risen to the top and become the favorite to win but is it even possible to top their performance from last week? 'Quest' has been pretty hit or miss with their performances but this being the final week, there's no room for any mistakes. 'Fly Khickz' has found themselves in the bottom two several times this season but they've always fought back and brought it. Make sure to catch America's Best Dance Crew tonight and find out
who the final two crews will be.

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