Monday, May 31, 2010

Report: AJ's Close Encounters at World of Dance NY and ABDC crew workshops (with video)

Here's the rest of AJ's report: 

Heavy Impact's Leon was up next.  Not much to say about it.  The choreography was pretty fast and I'd say that the difficulty level was intermediate/advanced.  I actually sat out midway thru the workshop.  Next was Static Noyze's Suzette's workshop.  And this was truly an advanced routine she taught us (imo).  I lasted about 30 seconds and sat out.  (I'm not a dancer).  During Suzette's class, I stepped out to check out the Poreotix workshops being held in the same building.  From what I saw, it looked like a lot of fun, and there were a lot more people that attended it.  After all workshops, I got to meet and see many of the crews again and thanked them for such an awesome weekend.  I actually stood behind Suzette on line at Gray's Papaya.  The guy at the counter (who's Filipino) saw me and asked "Who's dance workshop did you just take?".  I pointed to Suzette and said "hers..." and she smiled.  I thought that was funny.

The day didn't really end there.  To top off the weekend, I attended a Poreotix appearance at Amnesia night club.  They performed the same routine they had done at WoD and everyone loved it.  Afterwards, I got to hang and chill with Poreotix for a bit and Blueprint's TL and Nathalie were there too!  I thanked everyone for such an amazing weekend.

It's not very often that dance events such as these happen on the East Coast and in NY.  Being a huge fan of ABDC, it was truly a weekend that I won't forget.

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Photos from Poreotix workshop at BoogieZone NJ

ChrisBata shared these photos from his session at the workshop taught by Poreotix member Dumbo. Thanks Chris! Click here to return to the home page and to leave comments.

Top dancers on European TV competitions: Robot Boys (Denmark), Twisted Feet (Sweden), Tobias Mead (UK)

Here's Twisted Feet's performance on 'Sweden's Got Talent': 

Click here to watch Tobias Mead on this season's 'Britain's Got Talent':

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Watch all 3 winning Body Rock Performances: Sh*t Kingz, Choreo Cookies, GRV + Boxcuttuhz, KM

Here are more winning performances from Body Rock 2010, on the BodyRockSJ Youtube Channel.
Sh*t Kingz took first place with this dance. The sound has been stripped from the performance video.Here's the tech rehearsal. Click here to see an earlier version that still has the sound:

Third place GRV:

Boxcuttuhz in exhibition:

Kaba Modern:

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