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Review of ABDC's Katy Perry Challenge by Byeynyn

 Phunk Phenomenon- They are saved first, and their song is "Waking Up in Vegas," where they have to make a roulette wheel. They’re dressed in tuxedos with red sequins (with numbers on the back). They open by “waking up” and run into place to do some quick choreo. The group does some top rocking. It’s shown that Kassandra, wearing a bride’s veil, decides to get “hitched” to Bebo. They are just TRYING to promote all the classic Vegas sins. Except for drugs. At least until the song inserts some nonsense about Charlie Sheen #Winning. For the roulette part, Bebo does headspins while the other six surround him and move on the floor in a circular motion, making this the third consecutive routine he does something cool in the middle while the others dance around him. They get into more high-energy moves. The five members not named Bebo or Kassandra dance off the stage, and Bebo flies into them like they were a mosh pit. They push him back onto the stage, Bebo and Kassandra start fighting, and eventually Bebo leaps in her arms with a ring on it (yes, HE leaps in HER arms) while the rest of the crew stands in front of the judges’ table. It’s nice that they’re telling a story, but hasn’t Bebo already featured way too much so far?

IaMmE- They get the song "Peacock” and they have to, gasp, make a peacock. It helps that there was a random peacock wandering around for them to look at. It also helps that they’re wearing yellow and green jackets (Philip gets the lone blue jacket because he’s special). The song is fast, which is a nice change of pace, but it’s also the least sexy song ever. They start out with a bunch of hands and legs everywhere, like a peacock spreading open its tail feathers. They move forward while wiggling their arms. They partner up for a bit, and then get into a line formation. Brandon starts waving, and the others continue said waves. They’re unintentionally meeting ReQuest’s challenge as well. They start doing a little bit of high-energy choreo as they transition into a diagonal line. They do some popping with their elbows sticking out. Brandon peels out and starts a chain reaction of dancing (they dance into the next person’s pose, who then joins in), but it’s not perfectly in sync. Or it looks that way because Brandon’s twice as tall as everyone else. They’re definitely getting the hang of using the stage more. They get into another indescribable formation with Moon in the center, hands everywhere (including below his crotch, tee hee). In the end, another peacock is formed by just the guys (which earns them biology points), with Emilio doing a handstand. I realize a lot of their moments are spent as a group, but at some point, they need to have solo moments for each of their members.
Also, it’s a pity nobody’s corrected Lil Mama, since she once again says a crew “ceases to amaze her” when she means the exact opposite.

787 Crew- They’re dancing to "Hot n Cold” and they have to make a roller coaster. They’re dressed in blue, not at all outlandish. Lame. Well, they sure can flip, as some of them do corkscrews. They do some choreography, then some swipes. The general pattern is that they have five to eight seconds of decent choreography, then they go into stunts, rinse and repeat. Half of them do an impressive leap over each other. I can’t say I remember seeing that stunt on the show before. Perry enters the stage via wheelchair while the others use their arms to form coaster tracks. Maybe. I think those are coaster tracks. (They also react by… doing more flips!) Having him show up seems like a cheap way to meet the challenge because not much is mechanically different between a wheelchair and a coaster, except for safety bars. Even wheelchair-bound though, his dancing is more intricate than the typical fare from ICONic Boyz. It’s mostly upper body stuff (of course) but it’s quick and energetic. The non-crippled members all do front flips in a chain reaction as Pery wheels across the stage, so that’s their roller coaster. I’d have preferred to see how they’d have done this challenge without him, but wheeling him out was a smart move in winning the audience over.

ICONic Boyz- The boys are dancing to "Teenage Dream," another song with content they have no experience of. They’re wearing letter-man jackets. I guess that’s kind of adorable, like a baby wearing a suit. They have to make a wall, then break it down. They start with three guys on the knees of the other four. I guess that’s their wall? They really didn’t do a good job breaking it down. They do some choreography (including what could be an attempt at isolations, but don’t quote me on that), then lie on the ground and slide along the stage. Is that supposed to be their walls breaking down? I feel like I need a guide. They get up and do some thrusting, and the audience cheers. I roll my eyes so hard and fast they start generating wind. They finish with a guy smirking in the center, while the others surround him in awe (despite him not doing anything impressive, really). I just cannot get behind this crew, and it’s not because they’re children. I liked the children dancers that have won Britain’s Got Talent. This is just a crew being cutesy and getting raves for it. To be fair, they haven’t been particularly obnoxious either. I personally found Poreotix’s off-court antics to be more juvenile and annoying, but at least they had a memorable dance style. And this show needs to be about dancing. I’m very worried if these boys wind up skating to the end for beginner-intermediate dance skills.

And, oh boy, I do not usually talk about the judges’ comments, but this gets ridiculous. D-Trix opens by saying bluntly, “It wasn’t good.” He also notes that their wall wasn’t really broken down and thinks they need to be cleverer. Lil Mama says she loves them and they are her babies and their minds are freer because they don’t pay rent. Uh, what? JC tells D-Trix not to be a crackhead. What?! D-Trix interrupts to point out that it would be a different story if they were twenty. True. JC refutes that it’s about pleasing the audience. Also true. JC and D-Trix almost look ready to fight each other while Lil Mama stands in the middle silently wondering how many of the boys she could adopt. Anyhoo…

Instant Noodles- Thankfully, they are dancing to "Firework" and NOT “I Kissed a Girl” as previously speculated. They’re wearing orange and grey workout clothes, with two firework patterns over the chest area. Gee, thanks, clothing designers! Their task is to make a chain reaction and explode, which isn’t much of a challenge, though none of the challenges are really difficult this week. They start with a guy doing a butterfly twist. They, as a group, do ballet poses (nothing too complicated, mostly pliés and jetés). Chuck gets a ballet solo. He does kind of get featured on the more silly stuff. Also, doing ballet is somewhat of a hex on this show. Look at Live In Color, ASIID, and even Blueprint Cru. Heck, look at Alex Wong (SYTYCD 7). Ballet is just a bad omen. A guy crab-walks backwards. Again, there’s a lot of solid floorwork going on. The routine really takes off when they start doing a variety of tricks in time with the firework noises. There’s flares, windmills, threading, and coin drops, all of which the cameras have a hard time keeping up with. The explosiveness is well documented, but the whole chain reaction part isn’t. When I first saw the routine, it looked like an impromptu cypher. I blame the cameras. They finish with a guy holding a one-handed handstand while the others fall to the ground. It’s a close race between these guys and 787 Crew for all-around most athletic crew, except 787 does most of their stuff in the air, while IN does most of theirs on the ground.

Street Kingdom- They’re performing to "E.T." and their task is to make a space ship. It’s a good song choice because Kanye West’s vocals take over for a good chunk of it. They’re dressed in camouflage jackets, which will make the clumping they do even more visually confusing. The female, Melissa, is featured heavily in the beginning. Much of their non-krumping choreography consists of jerky movements. A guy gets stabbed (not literally). A lot is going on at once. They have ten people who spend most of the time spread out doing different movements. Watching this crew has to be a vastly different experience for a live audience member rather than an armchair viewer. Anyhow, a guy gets “abducted” into the air and still krumps. A guy crosses his legs and gets… pushed forward? Okay, then. More krumping. They form a spaceship, and it’s somewhat similar to the airplane Super Crew did, except larger and everyone’s on their feet. Tight Eyez pulls his yellow shirt over his face to act like an alien. Ew, you can see his tongue licking it. Half of them jump offstage to krump some more. I feel the overall krumping attitude is the same here as it was the previous episodes. I don’t think Street Kingdom is trying to make krumping any more accessible to the massive audience, and I’m not sure they really care.

ReQuest- They are dancing to "California Gurls” (since they’re the only all-gurl group left) and they have to make a wave and ride it. The real challenge is doing it in a way that hasn’t been done before on this show. They are wearing booty-shorts and polka dot waistbands. They begin with some choreography on the stairs, and girlishly run towards the stage. They get into booty-shaking, which I have sorely missed for years. They love to combine femininity with hard-hitting moves. They lift a girl onto some shoulders while the others stick their arms out. The girls create another “wave” by splitting into two groups and curving their arms in a wavy motion as Malaena runs through it. They get into some locking. It’s interesting to finally see how a group with eight people can go through many different formations. They get on the ground and slide towards the left side of the stage, accomplishing the wave task in a different manner. Kaili lifts her leg up high. Wow, Snoop Dogg sounds so bored in this song. They get in a line, with a hand on the person in front, and make one final wave with their bodies, bending backwards as they fan themselves. One of the girls runs off stage to kiss D-Trix on the cheek. I wonder if they had to draw straws for that task.

After having our largest bottom two ever, it’s ReQuest that’s sent home, leaving on a wave of graciousness. They were unable to escape being in the Bottom Two their entire duration. I expect that this group will continue to excel in future Hip Hop International performances, mainly because HHI is a different, merit-based competition. It’s a shame they had to go quite early, because ReQuest did so many things right every time (they met the challenges, their routines were clean and fluid, they displayed a signature style) but they just couldn’t seem to get voter support from the general viewing audience. I don’t blame the judges for their decision; it seems like they knew saving the talented foreign crew would be another uphill battle. Next week the six groups perform to Rihanna. I’m looking forward to the dances, but I’m already dreading the results.

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Review of ABDC's Katy Perry Challenge by JustAnABDCFan

Here’s what I look for in crews (everything is based on a 1 to 10 scale):
Stage Presence- The biggest part to me for a dancer, and for a crew, is your stage presence.  I really firmly believe that.  Do you command the stage?  A chief focus as a dancer is to project yourself—your emotion and subsequently the song’s emotion onto the viewer/audience.  Are you doing that?  And just as important, are you “lighting the stage on fire” so to speak?  Are you really captivating me as a viewer into buying what you’re presenting?
Technique- Secondary to me is how technical a dancer/crew is.  Is what you’re doing difficult, or is it just super simple?  If it IS simple, are you making it as CLEAN as possible, while still incorporating stage presence?  Can I tell you’ve been doing this a while, or is your technique just kind of “there”, and not speaking out in terms of engaging an audience?  Is your choreography technical, or “one, two, three, four” predictable?
G-Factor- A corny phrase I’m making for my writing, which is also probably better known as the “IT factor”.  It stands for “Greatness Factor”, and  I consider this part of a performance different than stage presence.  This is that quality in a dancer/crew where you just can’t put your finger on it, but something about them is just DIFFERENT.  Something about them is just captivating you, and it might be a subtlety such as a smile or the way they carry themselves, or something as dynamic as the way they do a signature move.  In essence, what makes them individually different and sets them apart from the pack.
The Obstacle- Also known as, “the Challenge”, this category speaks for if they were able to meet the challenge of that week.  Was the challenge met?  Furthermore, was the challenge met at an average level, or was it fantastic or amazing?  Was it creative?  And was it difficult to do?
Every week I’ll be putting a humorous spin on my evaluations by choosing a random subject to help entertain you, and acclimate (or not) my thoughts on each individual crew.  For example, one week might be “Mortal Kombat Week” for me, because I felt like it, so I would assign every crew a Mortal Kombat character to help depict what I thought of their performance.  For example, Phunk Phenomenon might be Scorpion one week, because they’re just SO HOT in that performance that they will CEASE to die out.  Or something like that.
So, onto the review!
The Superstar for this Week:  Katy Perry
Subject of the Week for Review: THE NFL DRAFT
Katy Perry? Oh man, getting real serious right now.  OK, I’ll admit, I like some of her songs.  For future reference, I review the crews in the order they perform.  Rankings are at the end of the review.
So if anyone cares about sports, and I do (not as much as dance though), today was the day of the NFL draft.  So I thought it fit to compare crews to players getting drafted.  If you dislike it, don’t worry, next week will probably be funnier.


Phunk Phenomenon - Challenge: Create a roulette wheel
Song: Waking Up in Vegas

Ah, Phunk Phenomenon, I’d consider you to be just like Mark Ingram from Alabama of this year’s draft for this week.  Everyone sleeps on you, and you perform so well that you would think people would just wake up already and acknowledge that you are pretty beast at what you do.
Stage Presence: 8 You know what?  Phunk Phenomenon to me always seems to use the stage well.  They are everywhere when they dance, and I really appreciate that.  Not to mention today was particularly a good day for selling a story—that being Las Vegas and getting hitched. They to me were doing a great job of being exuberant and very goofy.  Being in Las Vegas tends to be a lot of fun, if not a bit surprising, and I think their stage presence captivated that very well.
Technique: 8 To say that Phunk Phenomenon doesn’t have super solid technique would be just stupid.  The opening started out with a big musicality bang—fast isolations to the beat, that were clean and on point.  We move to a cool line transition, with a ripple effect on both sides, and that was great.   There was some locking, hard hitting choreography, some jazz or something thrown in, and not to mention Bboy Bebo doing his thing.  The choreography was definitely fun, challenging and clean!  I definitely see a lot of different styles in here, and that’s what makes their technique so good—they excel at ALL of it.
G-Factor: 8 I can’t begin to describe to you how I feel about today’s performance.  It wasn’t mind blowing, but there was that certain something that made me say:  “yes, I’ll buy into this”.  Bebo’s smile oozed of G-Factor, and their overall crew charisma is charming enough for me to point my finger and say that, at least for this week, they had IT.
The Challenge: 9 I really liked the roulette wheel they made.  When they showed their package I knew for a fact that Bebo was going be the center of the challenge because quite frankly he always is (and is really dynamic enough to do them).  I was just curious to see how they implemented him, and the headspin as the center of the wheel while they rolled was just awesome.  And it looked clean, too!
Total: 33/40
    “Yo, I appreciate you.  Improve on some of yo dynamics yo, and you’ll get a championship like me.”
IaMmE - Challenge: Fan out on stage like a peacock
Song: Peacock
I would compare IaMmE to Jake Locker from Washington this week.  You have a HUGE fan base, and EVERYONE seems to love you, but you just haven’t quite gotten over that hump yet.  But you’re super freaking good, that’s for sure.
Stage Presence: 8 Better than last week, and the week before that…and every week previously, for sure.  It was comforting to see them really emit an emotion of a…peacock.  Like, I don’t know if you guys know but peacocks walk with a sense of swag, and elegance.  And I felt IaMmE really did that tonight.  Yet at the same time, the song itself is fun and bouncy, and they somehow managed to get that too…while still showing their peacocks.  Awkward.
Technique: 9 It is always really hard for me to critique their technique, because all of them are just so darn good at what they do.  Seriously.  The opening peacock had me in stiches (only because I think this challenge is so strange), and Phillip “Pacman” Chbeeb’s waving and artistry is insane.  Their choreography overall today was so much better mostly in part to the fact that they had more than just “do some ok choreography and then bunch in the center to brain bang”.  I really liked some of the line transitions they did, and the popping section/line was great.  This was to me the best choreography we’ve seen from them so far.
G-Factor: 8 I think right now they are on the same level as Phunk Phenomenon.  There is definitely something there this week, where you think that they are something different, and certainly their brain banging lends itself to this section of review.  But today they didn’t brain bang HARD, but their charisma still shined throughout.  Smiling, and captivating the audience was definitely in effect, not to mention it was that “cute” kind of “it”.
The Challenge: 9 They made four peacocks if my count was correct, and yes I count the second brain bang type thing a peacock.  So they jumped over the challenge hurdle easily, and every peacock to me stood out really well.  Another thing to note was that every peacock was animated of some sort, so that was really nice aesthetically.
Total: 34/40

 “Ha, let me see your peacock…that’s funny.  You’re good, but there IS something missing.”
787 Crew - Challenge:Make a roller coaster
Song: Hot N’ Cold
I claim you 787, Ryan Mallet from Arkansas (who has yet to be drafted, but believe me, he will second or third round) this week.  You’re a lot of show, and you have the “intangibles”, and you make some good explosive plays, but overall you’re just not that amazing—maybe someday though.
Stage Presence: 7 I can’t feel 787 Crew’s stage presence.  I see what they’re trying to do, I really do.  I get glimpses of awesome emotion, like the start of the performance tonight, but then it just kind of stops for me.  I guess they fit the song though, because they were hot at points in emotion, but then cold in others for me.
Technique: 7 OK, I get it, you can do a lot of flips and tricks.  That’s neat.  But I would really like to see some more solid choreography from this crew.  Tonight wasn’t too bad—it was above average, if not for the sheer amount of flips in the routine.  The little bboy section was a welcome addition to the piece and helped the pacing, and the off the back side flips were neat, but then when you get to their base choreography it is just “above average”.  And I didn’t really see the rollercoaster that well…I mean, I saw it, but it didn’t stand out at all to me.  Props for using Perry though in the routine.
G-Factor: 6 I said a week one that I almost saw a teeny tiny glimpse of Quest Crew in there somewhere.  I kind of take that back for this week.  The standout thing that makes me captivated just isn’t there, and I would probably attribute that to the sheer amount of tricks they do.  They don’t give me a chance to see if they have something special there, because they water down their routines with flip, flip, flip.  Sure, they have charisma, but it doesn’t separate them from say, Phunk Phenomenon.
The Challenge: 6  They made a rollercoaster.  And it seemed really simplistic, because I just saw everyone connect via the shoulders and move left and right.  Then they finished with a kind of roller coaster finish with Perry, but at that point it was just suicide front flips at staggered starts.
Total: 26/40

“Yeah that was cool.  But stop watering down your sets with flips.  It’s getting overplayed, like me.”

ICONic Boyz - Challenge: Make a wall and break it down
Song: Teenage Dream
For this week I compare ICONic Boyz to Cam Newton of Auburn, the number one overall draft pick for this season.  They’re a pretty face—girls like them a lot, but really they don’t have that much experience in the field (Cam only had a failed year at Florida, 1 year in Junior College and 1 year at Auburn, although he won the Heisman and National Championship).  Sure, you’ve gotten a lot of success, but compared to the next level, you’re not there.
Stage Presence: 9 Alright, I’ll admit it, this song fit them perfectly—they’re a bunch of adorable kids, and the song is a bubbly song about teenagers and dreaming.  So that fit right down their alley, and they used it to their advantage.  I do smile when they perform, and they just ooze the emotion of “happy teenager” this week.
Technique: 4 OK now I get harsh.  Really, this choreography wasn’t difficult at all.  This is entry level beginning hip-hop choreography to me.  It’s fun, sure, but it is certainly not incredibly challenging.  Yes, I gave them a four, but look at what they did.  A wall of kids on top of each other’s shoulders, then they drop.  Chest pops, transition, look at hand, jump around.  Do shotty isolations, glide a little, move arms.  Too basic for my tastes, and that shouldn’t cut for much longer.
G-Factor: 7 At this point it is renamed “cuteness factor”, because that is what they have.  Their intangible is likability for their age, and it is hard not to say “aww” when they perform.  They stand out, because they are adorable, and when they smile, it’s pretty infectious.
The Challenge: 4 Like I said earlier, they made a wall and jumped.  It wasn’t explosive, or difficult, and any cheerleader could do that with her friends in two seconds.
Total: 24/40
"Ha ha, smiling and bein’ cute, that’s where it’s at.  But you’re not  meeting the bar yet, boys.”
Instant Noodles - Challenge: make a chain reaction
Song: Firework
This week Instant Noodles you are Blaine Gabbert of Missouri.  Man are you a technical specimen, and you’ve got plenty of style in the way you play.  Unfortunately, you miss out on some close ones.  But you’re still really good.
Stage Presence: 7
Instant Noodles this week did a really good job of emitting a positive emotion.  And really, that’s basically what the song is about.  That, and they did a great job of presenting their style of bboying to the audience.  I saw a change up too, when they presented the ballet, and that really sold me in to the performance, if only because it was vastly different than what they normally do.  And it was funny.
Technique: 7
I think their bboying technique in terms of style individually is great.  But in terms of choreography, I still yearn for a lot more.  They need to be just a bit more dynamic, which is harder for people to see in style bboying.  Don’t get me wrong though, what they did tonight was definitely difficult and clean and precise, but not explosive enough for me.  Furthermore, it was pretty obvious that none of them are really extensively trained in ballet (which was fine with me, because it served its purpose).  I do appreciate their level changes however, and it brings something that the other crews don’t.
G-Factor: 7
Yes, they have “it”.  But is it as strong or as defined or pronounced as some of the other crews?  This week I think not.  Their G-Factor has certainly grown, however.  They are unique, for sure, but even if I compared their G-Factor to Poreotics, I would still say it is not the same in level.
The Challenge: 7
I’m being totally honest here.  I think they met the challenge well.  But it was not as explosive as it could have been, and seeing as they promised more power, they did not deliver to the expectation I had set.  Being bboys, I expected something more in my face for this challenge, and I thought the challenge was suited for them.  Yeah, they made a chain reaction, but fireworks are as they said “epic”, and to me, this wasn’t “epic”, it was just really good.
Total: 28/40
“Stylish, check.  Cool, check.  But you need to bring more “wow” to your stuff, guys.”


Street Kingdom - Challenge: Make a spaceship
Song: E.T
This week Street Kingdom is Marcell Dareus, a defensive tackle from Alabama and third overall pick for this year’s draft.  What a big, rough tough dude, who just wants to run people over and impose his will on everyone.  He’s a great guy though, but man, does he emit power—especially when he hits.
Stage Presence: 9 How could I not say that I don’t feel the emotion from this performance?  I can’t—every performance, save the Black Eyed Peas challenge, I always feel them pushing their will, even through the television.  I’m glad they got back to krump—because that is really what it’s all about for them.  They lit the stage on fire with their tenacity, and it was pretty clear when they spread out and krumped that they were not handing over the stage easily.  I find this is usually the best category for Street Kingdom.
Technique: 9  I krump (I know I do a lot of dance, but I want to be well rounded), and boy I can’t argue with tonight’s performance in terms of krump technique.  Hard hitting, explosive, and more importantly, clean, and crisp.  They’re choreography was even more like “krump choreography”, and that was a welcome addition this week to what happened last week.  I saw one part where a member jumped on the back of another member, back to back, but gave the illusion that he was dying or being beamed up.  That was tight.  The snake illusion they made in the front when one member was under the other’s legs was awesome. Just great technique this week, because they got back to what they do best:  and that’s getting bucc.
G-Factor: 8 It’s hard for me to say that they have all of whatever “it” is that separates themselves from everyone else.  I know, they do a completely different dance style then all the other crews, and yes, I can feel them very well.  There G-Factor this week was certainly better than last week, as was just about everything, but I still felt like they need their signature something to really go over the top.
The Challenge: 7 Their spaceship was OK.  I mean, it was above average by two notches, and that’s all great and good.  But they could have done better, I think.  It was neat, and Tight Eyez coming from the middle with his yellow shirt—I understood the concept of an alien type thing, but I really didn’t think it was overly amazing.  And they broke off a little sloppy to me when they went off stage, which partly ruined the effect for me.  Certainly not bad though, and again, better than last week.
Total: 33/40

“AHHH LET’S GET IT! You could be a little more creative, but don’t stray away from your POWER!”

ReQuest - Challenge: Make a wave
Song: California Gurls
This week you are Julio Jones from Alabama, a wide receiver, surprise draft pick at number six overall to the Atlanta Falcons.  You are graceful at what you do, and what makes you so explosive is just how much easy you make your stuff look—when it really is difficult, and technical.  Not to mention fun to watch when you catch that game changing touchdown.
Stage Presence: 8 When they started on the stage in their pose, I instantly got the vibe of what they were going to do with this song.  Yes, I already know the song, and have heard it a million times and it probably is overplayed, or was, but they made it feel refreshing.  My goodness do they know how to work a stage, and present themselves in a very clean, yet powerful way.  I know they can get more bucc than this, but for this week, they did just fine.
Technique: 8 Their technique is ALWAYS so clean, and always on form.  Man, I love their transitions and formations, and just the way they do things in terms of the technical side.  I saw some locking or vogueing in there, and their signature swag moves that they carry in every performance.  The booty popping made me laugh, and smile because quite frankly they are an all-girl group, and if they have…assets, use them.  The first wave was awesome, and clean, although they might have been able to do more with it.  Locking was tight, and then the little sliding/swimming part on the ground was fantastic, not to mention I saw a really great leg extension from the girl standing.  Their last “wave” of sorts I thought was so simple, but it was the end of the piece, and was more of a “yeah we’re good” move, to show their confidence than anything else.
G-Factor: 8 Solid.  They do have greatness and a thing that you can’t point out, but makes their performance just more enjoyable this week.  I will say that I didn’t get super amazingly captivated though, but I was drawn in by their stuff.
The Challenge: 8 All in all, a solid way to get your wave challenge completed.  Not overly complicated, but definitely clean and functional!  The second wave, again, was just them bending backwards in wave, but like I said, I saw that more as a closing move to show confidence than an actual technical showpiece.
Total: 32/40

“Look at how beautiful a jump this is, just like your dance style.  A little more “umph” and you got it.”
Eliminated: ReQuest
I know I know, there is a lot of fan raging and anger over this decision.  This was such a horrible bottom two, because both these crews are fantastic, and sending one home, to me, is a disservice to the show and the dance community.  Unfortunately, New Zealand isn’t very big, so I can assume that their main vote base wasn’t enough to carry them (although I’m sure there are plenty of Americans who love ReQuest).  My bottom two based on last week would have been ReQuest and ICONic Boyz, with ICONic Boyz going home.  So unfortunate, but believe me when I say that ReQuest is not finished with their dance careers and will have big things ahead for them.

Rankings for the Katy Perry Challenge:
1. IaMmE (34/40)
2. Street Kingdom (33/40)
3. Phunk Phenomenon (33/40)
4. Request (32/40)
5. Instant Noodles (28/40)
6. 787 Crew (26/40)
7. ICONic Boyz (24/40)
Thanks for reading! :)

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