Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dance's Review of ABDC6's Lil Wayne Challenge

IaMmE: The two opening tutting sections were spectacular. IaMmE. displayed some of the best tutting we have ever seen on ABDC. I love how their tutting choreo relies on each other and is not stiff, but has movement and various dimensions to it. It was clever when JaJa popped up from 747's shoulders to give their tutting height and then she flipped backwards to go into the second tutting section. The second tutting section looked like a moving mathematical equation. The groove section, where 747 came in the middle, was a highlight for me. It was great to see the intensity in 747's face and in his movements. IaMmE are great at choreo and grooving, so I hope they will show more of this in the coming weeks of ABDC. Score: 9/10

Phunk Phenomenon: You know you are a great dancer when you can do the simplest movements and make them look phenomenal and that is what Phunk Phenomenon did. I love when a crew comes out with not too much hype, but makes a huge statement with their dancing. Right when they came out in the first five seconds of the performance they made a huge impact. They each energetically popped up to the words "A Milli" and proceeded to groove to the beat. Their choreo has many levels and they made great use of the stage. Bboy Bebo is a beast! Kassandra is a strong dancer and it was great how her movements pulled in Bebo's bboying in with their group choreo, when Bebo first went into his bboy set. Exclusive's Superman jump also tied in Bebo's bboying when Exclusive flew over him right when Bebo finished his set. Each member of Phunk Phenomenon are well trained dancers and this shows in the fluidity of their movements. They are a close-knit energetic team and they dance from their hearts and this makes them stand out. Phunk Phenomenon's choreo is well thought out and if they keep this up and make it more complex, by still remaining true to who they are, they will continue to do well this season. Score: 9/10

Request: This crew is comprised of eight strong females from New Zealand. They are inspired by the Haka, which is a traditional Polynesian warrior dance. Request move as one unit and the moment they came onto the stage they came out with great intensity. They began in a tight knit circle in the center of the stage and then broke down their choreo into various levels, where some girls were up and some where down. They threw warrior like punches to show everyone that they are ready to fight for the title. Then they went into a montage to their Barbie routine where they danced as dolls. I liked the part where Bianca moved across the stage, as all of the girls where in a straight line across the floor and were kicking their feet. Request are great at making use of the entire stage and giving the audience an energetic performance with their intense movements. It was a great first performance, but now I want to see them do specific choreo sections, where they can show off their training. I know they can do many styles and I would like to see this showcased in the coming weeks. Score: 9/10

Eclectic Gentlemen: They did very well and had many great ideas. I liked when Genesis, originally from Destined 2 Be, came out in the center and did a tutting section. That was the highlight of the performance. I liked how they moved across the stage, but their movements needed more intensity. The fire truck was a great idea, but it should have moved across the stage faster. It was a good performance, but the competition on the first episode was tough and someone had to go. Every group did extremely well and Eclectic Gentlemen are comprised of trained dancers and choreographers from LA, so I know they have a bright future ahead of them. Score: 7/10

Street Kingdom: They began in a tight knit circle and then Tight Eyez emerged from the center with great intensity. Then they made use of the stage and went into various choreo sections. I like how Street Kingdom likes to make circles of various lengths and widths. They like to play with the idea of circles, just how I.aM.mE. made a lot of squares and triangles with their first performance. Street Kingdom made large circles and small circles and had dancers emerge from these circles. Street Kingdom are great at hitting the various beats and lyrics in the music, whether they are krumping or doing choreo. Tight Eyez had a great krumping section and showed everyone the genre of dance he created! Street Kingdom needs to become more fluid in their movements and showcase more of their dancers. They also need to work more on their staging and adding more creative and complex choreo to their movements. Overall, it was a great introduction to krump on ABDC! They already have many great ideas and I hope they continue to grow as dancers and show everyone what they can do this season on ABDC! Score: 8/10

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