Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Crazed Beat's Nonspoiler report/preview from the ABDC6 Black Eyed Peas Challenge

Hey guys! Just got back from the taping and it was one great episode! The show focused more on the futuristic side of the Black Eyed Peas and it all turned out awesome. The costumes were awesome -- they all had some parts that glow under black light. So let's get to the reviews in no particular order [not in performance order]:  

Street Kingdom: "Imma Be". Challenge: Incorporate light sabers in their routine. Outfits: Black and Green tight fitted outfits... They did the challenge well by bringing in the light sabers, but the choreography was a bit off.  

ReQuest: "The Time (Dirty Bit)". Challenge: Illusion that they are cloning. Outfit: Red wigs, pink dress, gloves. They incorporated part of their Hip Hop International routine in this one. Executed challenge perfectly, seemed like the dancers were multiplying. Reminded me of a doll factory. Their choreography was fast and precise. 

Phunk Phenomenon: I think they got "Pump It".. Challenge: Had to include a "slo-mo" looking move into their routine. Outfit: Yellow/green jumpsuits (not sure).   This crew keeps surprising me every week...They had their Bboy do they slo-mo part as he stood on his hands and twisted his body around and the rest of the crew moved accordingly. Super high-energy routine with a couple of flips and tricks.  

787 Crew: "Boom Boom Pow." Challenge: Teleportation. Outfits:  Blue outfits.  Once again they had a great performance. They included more choreography but still had their amazing tricks in it too... Did challenge outstandingly    

Iconic Boyz: "Just Can't Get Enough" Challenge: stay connected for part of the routine. Outfits: Yellow jumpsuits and glowing headphones.  Once again the crowd pleaser...The highlight of the routine was the solo done by one of the members.  

IaMmE: "Meet Me Halfway". Challenge: Must come together and create a robot. Outfits: Red outfits.   They said in their package that they wanted to use the stage more like JC had told them.. They spread out a lot more, but didn't use the stage as much as they could have. They started out with this machine looking formation and included some locking in the routine.  When it came to the challenge, they did amazing! ..  Very cool looking robot!
FootworKINGz: "I Gotta Feeling." Challenge: Create the illusion that someone is floating. Outfits: White suits.  Their routine wasn't as high energy as last week's..They wanted to show that they can do more than just footwork, so they did more upper-body choreography. Their tackle at the challenge was as strong as I would have thought. 

Instant Noodles: "My Humps". Challenge: Create visuals of a video game. Outfits: purple jumpsuits.   They said that in their opening package that they were upset that D-Trix didn't like their routine last week and that they were going to work to get him on their side...They framed their bboy moves better and did a lot more power moves this time. They also included a little bit of some booty shaking...They also did well with their challenge, they recreated the Super Mario Bros. world and incorporated it into their choreography.   

Celebrities in the audience: some cast from The Hard Times of RJ Berger, Poreotics, Lando Wilkins from Mos Wanted Crew. 
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