Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nonspoiler report from the ABDC6 Ke$ha Report

This report comes from reader Yoo, who attended the taping on April 3, 2011, Thanks Yoo!
Music: Opening group Performance - We R Who we R
787 Crew - Blow
ICONIC Boyz - Your Love is my Drug
Jag6ed -  Sleazy
Instant Noodles - Dirty Picture ft. Taio Cruz 

  • Iconic Boyz: Surprise! Crowd Pleaser! Well mainly because they are...kids! They use their 10-year-old charm to win over the audience. These guys have the confidence and the charisma! 
  • FootworKINGz: Dang.  Their style is VERY fast paced! They have HIGH ENERGY! almost like Jungle Boogie! Their style reminds me of Housing, while housing is more fluid, this is Strict movements!  
  • 787 Crew:  It had a good concept and everything...many stunts and flips 
  • Jag6ed: Here it is! The Pole dancing group!..I must say them on the poles seems very hard to do! They say that pole dancing isn't just about being sexy, it can be art. i dunno, you can't help but think it's sexy. well if your a guy haha. I have madd respect for what they do!  
  • Instant Noodles: These are the new bboys of ABDC. i really like their hand sign, it a fun one to do! okay first things first these bboys are NOT powerheads (Super Cr3w, parts of Quest) -- they are more of a style group and we see that in their performance...their bboy style is fantastic!
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