Monday, April 4, 2011

Isaac's Field Report on 2011 World of Dance Los Angeles

In the Upper Division, it seemed that the three competitors that dominate WOD brought in some of their best works: GRV holding it down in the buckest way they can, The Company smoothly under the influence of Shaun Evaristo, and Pac Modern proving why they're the best college team out there.

However, the showstopper came from Hawaii's own Hype. Talking to Josh and Allen before they went on stage, they only hoped they could even come close to GRV as well as hoping that the public enjoys their set. As they humbly took the floor, their hopes and dreams were answered, complete killing everything in site with some very innovative choreo with a touch of island flavor. Dubstep was used abundantly throughout the day but no one used it better than Hype, recreating their original Hype 5-0 dubstep piece in a full company form while still retaining the confident and prideful sound their choreo sounds off when they usually perform. Myron stated that not only did they beat GRV and The Company (who placed in 2nd and 3rd) but they had the highest score in WOD to date, gaining a 99.6 total. Overall the competition was intense, a warzone where each team was trying to destroy each other and ultimately leaving the mainland quietly whispering "Aloha" in amazement. I only hope that Hype grows from here, going to Body Rock or Fusion, and perhaps taking on Choreo Cookies. 

The exhibitions were amazing in general because it just seemed like everyone was on their game. It highlighted the growth Future Funk has shown in such a short time. Quest Quest Crew was on their game, humbly praising the dance community and the love to perform for them. However the main exhibition goes to Mos Wanted's debut performance, starting with a triumphant claim from Myron Marten himself stating that "there was a rumor we were made for a tv show, we were made long before that" and ending with an excellent freestyle of each member (minus Jun). 

Overall WOD 2011 Tour is off to a GREAT start and this was without a doubt one of the best nights of my life :)