Friday, April 8, 2011

BJhayPinoy's Review of ABDC6's Ep. 1: The Lil Wayne Challenge

IaMmE: 'Right Above It'
"Brain Bangin' the audience with illusions and visuals."
Description: In the opening package they introduced America to their style that they call "Brain Bangin" where they connect moves to create images and illusions. They create visuals and amazing images that makes the viewers have to rewind their videos to watch it over and over in order to understand what happened. The thing is that they do just that and in their opening they came out with amazing tutting and figures (just like a Rubik cube).What they do is create an amazing puzzle. All in one performance they've brought forth tutting to a high level and set their bar very high. Throughout the whole performance they stuck to their brain bangin' but at a certain point the group came forward with Brandon "787" snapping Moon's neck and as Moon fell they started grooving and bringing that sexy flow for a few seconds with their legs and body. At the end the guys use Chachi and Jaja to make cannons and shoot "bullets" at Emilio. The group ends their performance on a high note as Moon comes to knock out Emilio with a head smack. Another note that I want to bring out is that IaMmE has amazing precision and levels and of course they have a culmination of amazing dancers to bring forth many hip-hop styles to the table and other styles of dance as well.

Criticism: IaMmE is one of the crews that came to the show with a huge fanbase and uprising. They announced that they were tackling ABDC and they released many videos with their choreography and abilities, but the one thing a lot of fans will say for this performance is that "we've see it already." I admit that we did see a lot of those moves in their videos on Youtube but take the time to digest and pull apart that performance (the technicality, precision, and levels [blocking as well]). I would tell them to bring out their moves all the time and bring out the bboying, popping, waving, and other styles that they have yet to show. Also, like JC said, move around the stage more and don't isolate yourself to one zone (in the middle).

Phunk Phenomenon: 'A Milli'
 "The East Coast Crew that brings the Phunk and Phenomenon to their moves"
 Description: They go hard and have funny faces and smack the ground. They bring forth an amazing story that related to the leaders father being a big inspiration on the crew. They also fight for San Fillipo Syndrome, which I wish they talked about more in the opening package. ­In the beginning these guys used their moves hard and it felt like they smacked the screen hard. There were many fine points to this performance but lets start at the beginning. Phunk came out with hard choreography and their moves hit really hard as they busted forward towards the front. One thing I liked is that there were great many moments. Each person in Phunk has amazing dancers. They have an amazing breaker that they used to the fullest as well. So after Phunk hits out and busts through the front, we see Kassandra bust out through the front hitting as hard as the guys . As the performance progresses, we see their breaker bust out with a backwards crab walk. He backs up and Kassandra picks him up and kicks him down with her foot. Even after that the breaker continues threading and hitting all these great bboy moves from air flares to drops to threads to spins. He got stuck a little bit he kept it up and hit it hard. One of the great moments is when Phunk pulls the front and gets hard and hype with their moves using their hands and body give off that hard hitting feeling. There's a lot to watch in Phunk Phenomenon and they are definitely a group that you should not sleep on. 

Criticism: There is not much to criticize in this performance but the thing I have to tell them is I would like to see the members highlighted and would love to see the other styles that they are capable up to pull through. Though they did have great staging and great moves I would love them to show their versatility to other styles. Otherwise, this is more of advice than criticism. Great job to Phunk!
ReQuest: 'Knockout' feat. Nicki Minaj
"The Girls with PolySwag from New Zealand"
Description: They take inspiration from Haka and many cultural dances to infuse in their style known as PolySwag. Attitude, Swag, and Energy. These girls have everything to choreography, levels, and swag. They came out hard and what they do well is transitions. In the beginning they started off with a theatrical and choreographic heavy vibe. The one thing I love about ReQuest is that they know how to isolate their bodies well and give off a great performance using their own PolySwag combined with transitions, levels, and a playful feel. You can tell that these ladies are trained well in their style and knowing little about their cultural style, you can see a completely new and fresh feel to ReQuest, including using the stage to play to each other well. They show no weakness and I love when Parris and Oriana were fighting. The whole crew did some nice staging and movement by using their legs to rotate to the left of the stage as the choreography progressed. What a great way to play to the songs rock feel by bursting to the front, rocking it out for a little, getting back into choreography, and then transitioning back into theatricality along with their own style. The performance ends as Bianca bursts between Parris and Oriana by knocking both of them out. They have a lot more to SHOW and a lot more to bring forth and it's exciting to see what they have to offer.

Criticism: For this crew, it is hard to give criticism to them because these girls bring everything to the table. The thing that I have to say is that I do not want these girls to relax and be complacent on the show. Also, their transitions are great and they have great choreography, originality (with PolySwag), and they're trained well, but the question comes into play is if they have a lot more to offer. The other thing that I have to comment on is to the viewers. A lot of the viewers look for "tricks and moments" and I would love to see the girls of ReQuest bring EVERY STYLE to the table and shut it down.
Eclectic Gentleman: 'Fireman'
"The hardcore guys in bowties."
Description: Their bowties symbolize their style as amazing guys that come from all over the U.S. and that everyone has something to offer. Wildabeast comes forth and starts off their performance with a small burst of energy. They had a lot of moments and actually use a great amount of choreography. They have a tiny tutting section where Alexander is in the middle creating a ping pong effect of tutting into waving into rotations and choreography. They do well to manipulate and play off each others strengths and they take time to transition into their moves. One of their good moments was the use of an over and under flip. Another one of their good moments was when they use each other to make a firetruck and spray one of the members out because he's on fire. They do well to try to make a story using the song and title as their basis and I believe they did well to do that. They also do slow moves and fluid choreography well while doing their best to add to their own moments.

Criticism: The few pieces of criticism that I have to offer the Eclectic Gentleman is that, while having good moves and great transitional choreography from slow to fast, they seem a bit stiff on stage. It seems like they take too much time to pause moves and when they do connect their choreography together, it seems like they are sitting stiff like they're cramping up. Another criticism I would have to offer is that their moves were a bit slow and typical.  I would say clean it up a bit more, work on your transitions, and loosen up your bodies when you hit hard moves.
Street Kingdom: 'I'm Not A Human Being'
 "Krump at its finest!"
Description: The Founder of Krump "Tight Eyez" is in this crew. Krumping is hard and aggressive, it's not wild out violence but it is dance. They're very religious and go to church and have a belief in Christianity.  Street Kingdom comes out with a hard, super hard vibe and they wave out and use each other well in the beginning, with a lot of what I would call Krump Choreography. They played hard and well into each other. This dance comes from the body and explodes outward and that was the essence of Street Kingdom and Krump's group. JC had a great comment:"They use their power for good and use their energy inside of you and throw it out to everyone as a gift." Street Kingdom's performance resonated with power, toughness, and attitude. Tight Eyez, the founder of Krump, has an amazing presence on stage and what Street Kingdom did is pull from their own energy and Tight Eyez energy to create an amazing Krump performance. I love how they did well to create their own form of choreography and connect it well with each other and I am fully excited to see them shut up haters and destroy the stage in the future.

Criticism: The one form of criticism that I can give -- even though I cannot begin to criticize them -- is on their overall choreography. They have amazing power, attitude, and Krump style choreography, but what is going to happen when we throw different challenges at them that involve pure hip-hop choreography? There could be challenges that make them branch out into many other styles -- can they do it? This is what Street Kingdom has to prove. With their originality they have to push through and show that they can be diverse in many styles.

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