Friday, April 15, 2011

Dance's Review of ABDC's Ke$ha Challenge competitors

FootworKINGz: They did a good job at building up their performance. They started off slow and went low to the ground. Then they went out to the left and right of the stage and started their footwork. They made good use of the stage and they are very fluid with their movements. I like when they vary their lines because they do it with ease while doing their footwork. It was great when they went into a straight line, then they gracefully went into 3 lines, then the guys went into a tight circle, and the girl pushed them towards the left of the stage. I like when they make their choreo complex and they should do this more. I would like them to do more upper body choreo and to work more with grabbing the audience's attention. Overall great performance. Score: 8/10

787 Crew: They were down one member and I wish Perry a speedy recovery. They are great at doing tricks, however I feel that they should have added more choreography to their movements. They do great partner work and this is their strong point. I would like them to do tricks that we haven't seen before on ABDC because I feel that what they did in their first performance resembles stunts that were done by past crews. They are a strong crew, so with more complex choreo they will improve. Score: 6/10

ICONic Boyz: They are very confident. What makes them stand out from other crews and I noticed this with other children crews at World Of Dance NYC, is that they dance like no one is watching them. They are very carefree and give everything they do a 100%. Their movements aren't stiff and their faces aren't old and troubled. With some of the crews, it looks like they are not into what they are doing or that they are not happy with being on stage. IaMmE., Phunk Phenomenon, Request, and Street Kingdom are other crews that show their love for dance in their expression. It's not forced, it's something that naturally comes from within because they love what they do and are confident with their dancing abilities. ICONic Boyz show no fear and they make great eye contact with the audience. They also draw the audience and the viewer at home into their performances. One thing they should improve on is that many of them were counting the steps at various times in the performance and they shouldn't let anyone see that they are doing this. Also Lewis is really funny and makes me laugh whenever they do interviews. I think they will go far in the competition, but they should not knock out IaMmE., Request, or Phunk Phenomenon out of the competition. Score: 7/10

Jag6ed: I felt like they should have danced more. The beginning choreo was great, but the rest of the choreo was very basic. They should have danced like Beyonce and got Sasha fierce on us and that would have grabbed my attention. They were boring at times, but they did show great strength and flexibility on the poles. Score: 5/10

Instant Noodles: The beginning part of the performance, when two of the members came in the middle and flipped 360 degrees and then made a puzzle piece with their legs in the air was very creative. It was a thoughtful move and I've never seen a bboy crew do that on ABDC. I did like all of the ground work and Instant Noodles are a very intelligent bboy crew. I think they need to embrace their bboy choreography more. They should not stray away from it because they naturally move like dancers when they go all out in their bboy moves from what I have seen of their performances on YouTube. I do feel that they should move a little bit faster and keep the performance flowing more. Also the last bboy set could have been more powerful and eye catching. I think it was a good first performance and it had its moments, but they should pick up their energy and engage the audience more. I hope they will get to serve D-trix some Instant Noodles next week and make him eat his words. Score: 8/10

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