Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Yoo's Nonspoiler report/preview from the ABDC6 Black Eyed Peas Challenge

FootworKINGZ: Once again, an overall nice energetic performance. It really pumped me up... Their Challenge was to "float". I thought they handled that REALLY well, especially when you look at their style. They added more than just their Footwork, added some of the foundations of Hip Hop Choreo. 

ReQuest: FINALLY, we get to see how these girls throw down. Last week's song that they got was Horrible in my opinion. ..The Challenge was to "Clone" and like what Crazed Beats posted it seemed like a multiplying doll factory. Their Choreo was intricate and CLEAN. Formations and levels are like their HHI winning performance! 

Street Kingdom: The krumpers had the task to make a future battle with light sabers. When they started, we see some Choreography. It was good to try something new. You'd would think they would go harder in the moves they do...but when they freestyle its "Awwwwwwwwwh :D"  and krumping is amazing! individually. 

787 Crew: Their Challenge was the "Teleport".  They came out with some Choreo and some nice blocking. One thing I like about these guys is with their stunts its unpredictable which stunt they are going to do...the mix they were given had so many DOPE beats to just kill that they missed with some tricks.  

I.aM.mE: Their Challenge was to make a "Robot". That robot they made was probably one of the dopest robots I've seen. We start to see what their Choreo would be like when it's not from one of their Youtube Vids and these guys made a very nice SOLID routine with some locking, housing, and tutting.   

Iconic Boyz: These kids got the task to "Connect" what better way to do it with headphones and the cord. They came out with some decent choreo, which i still think they don't choreograph themselves. Then we get a solo from BIG T-MAC!.., haha. you'll see. 

Phunk Phenomenom : Their task was to "slow down" during their performance. The song they had was actually Don't Stop The Party...These guys killed it. Their Choreo had everything you want: Locking, popping, foundation, housing, wacking. Plus they got that Dope bboy who hit that invert and swung it around in "Slow Motion". High Energy!  

Instant Noodles: Their task was to make a "Video Game"...I cannot tell you how these guys bboy style and foundation and musicality with the music is just fantastic. Their Choreo was just a tad bit better than last week. As for their GOOMBAS. Amazing.  

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