Friday, April 22, 2011

Dance's Review of ABDC's Black Eyed Peas Challenge competitors

Here is my review of the performances in order from best to worst:

1) Phunk Phenomenon: Best performance of the night. I loved Bboy Bebo's reverse flare and this surprised me because I was not expecting him to do this move. It was very impressive. I loved the housing section and Devin's solo. Overall, I hope they keep surprising us each week and I hope they get better and better. Keep working hard and never give up!  Score: 9/10

2) ReQuest: They are strong performers and they have great musicality. I do want them to switch up their choreo next week and do something we have never seen before in order to avoid being in the bottom two. Overall, it was a great high energy performance. 9/10

3) IaMmE. : They are very thoughtful and they create visuals that we have never seen before on ABDC. The beginning factory move was great and I loved Philip's solo. However, something is missing from their performances. I think they should focus more on performing and capturing the audience's attention. Individually they are all great dancers and they need to showcase this more. Also some of their choreo between their visuals was a little basic and I know they can do better. I know they can improve and I can't wait to see what they have in store for us next week!  Score: 8/10

4) Instant Noodles: Great improvement from last week. They had great bboy choreo and the highlight of the performance was when they all crawled across the stage as video game characters from Super Mario Bros. They are very talented, but I think they are holding back. They should stage their performances better and keep their performances flowing more. They should come harder next week and be willing to show everyone that they are here to win and they want to be crowned America's Best Dance Crew!  Score: 8/10

5) 787: They were the most improved crew of the week. They had really good choreo and they staged their acrobatic movements much better this week as well. They surprised me and I hope they keep improving each week. Keep up the good work!  Score: 7/10

6) FootworKingz: I'm surprised they went home because they had a very good energetic performance. I loved the part when they went on the ground and went up and went back on the ground to the words "we'll shut it down." The task of floating could have been done better though. They are a very talented crew and I wish them luck. Keep on dancing!  Score: 7/10

7) Street Kingdom: They have the potential to be one of the front runners in this competition. The beginning was great when they were spread out throughout the stage and doing choreo. That impressed me. However, when they clumped together it got boring because they weren't doing much choreo. I would like them to use krump in more creative ways and to surprise us. Also I noticed that each of the members of Street Kingdom is great at dancing in general, so they shouldn't be afraid to surprise us and not rely on krump so much and just do more choreo. They have many members in their crew, so they should use the stage more and put on a performance for the crowd. I know they can do this and I hope they can grow as dancers and performers. Score: 6/10

8) ICONic Boyz: They are good for their age and I liked T-Money's solo. The beginning of the performance was good, but it slowed down towards the end.  I do feel that there are other crews better than they are and I think ABDC is a great learning experience for them. I know they have many great opportunities for them in the future and they will improve as they get older.  Score: 5/10

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