Friday, April 29, 2011

Dance's Review of ABDC's Katy Perry Challenge

The crews, in order from my favorite to least favorite for the Katy Perry Challenge:

1) IaMmE: If ABDC was a race, IaMmE. is now one lap ahead of everyone else. IaMmE. has the most technical skill out of any crew left this season. All dancers in IaMmE. are phenomenal poppers and it showed in their Katy Perry performance. Poppin is a technique where a dancer quickly contracts and relaxes their muscles in order to create a pop or hit in their body. Each member of IaMmE executed his/her hits perfectly. When IaMmE went into their diagonal across the stage, you could see the muscles in their shoulders and arms execute perfect hits to the beat of the song. To transition out of the diagonal, they went into a beautifully executed waving section. In this section, they each went into body waves, while twisting and turning across the stage. Then they slid across the stage in a second diagonal, while hitting every beat in the music. Another highlight was when 747 got on the ground in the center of the stage. Philip was behind him, while Emilio and Chachi were to the left of 747 and Moon and JaJa were to the right of him, in order to frame the illusion of a robotic peacock. When they created this illusion, they didn't just simply place their arms around 747, but each of the crew members went into a body wave in order to create movement in their robotic peacock. IaMmE. also gave their performance a three dimensional feel at the end, when Moon was in the center of another peacock that they created and then Philip quickly snatched him from behind. This was done to create depth and movement and it was also a transition into their ending robotic illusion where Emilio flipped upside down and made an x with his body. The entire performance was clever and well executed. Their choreo was far from basic and everything they did between visuals was complex and had movement to it. Cons: I didn't like the song, so I hope in the future they will get better hard hitting songs in order to show everyone their technical poppin abilities. They danced beautifully and I can't wait to see what they will do next week on ABDC!  Score: 10/10

2) Phunk Phenomenon: Phunk Phenomenon gave everyone in the audience and at home a well executed theatrical performance. They told a story with a beginning, middle, and end to Katy Perry's song, "Waking Up in Vegas". They began at the very top of the stage with some of the members dangling off the stage, which gave the performance depth and dimension. It also made them closer to the studio audience and the audience at home. I'm glad they did this because it brings the audience into their performance, as if they are about to take us on a journey that they are going to embark on. Typically a crew would begin their performance in the center of the stage, but they cleverly chose not to. They woke up with dramatic expressions across their faces because they are waking up in Vegas after a long night of partying. Then they went into a nicely executed locking routine and then transitioned into a top rocking section. The lyrics in the music echoed, "Did we get hitched last night," and Kassandra turns and looks at disbelief at everyone on the stage and then when she gets to Bebo, he has a big smile on his face and he shows off his ring. I love the different expressions every makes because it adds humor to their performance. Bebo then goes into the center of the stage and does a headspin, while everyone else are in a push up position and are quickly moving around Bebo, in order to create the illusion of a roulette wheel. The roulette wheel was cleverly done and well executed and resembled a real moving roulette wheel. It was great when Trey, Nikko, Devin, and Xclusive jumped off of the stage, in order to catch Bebo, who did a series of front flips in order to land in their arms. When Bebo lands in their arms, he charmingly smiles and winks into the camera. Bebo is very charismatic and when he looks into the camera he looks like he is directly talking to the viewer at home through his wink and smile. Bebo has a great natural smile, so he definitely brought the viewer at home into their performance with his genuineness. Bebo is then pushed back onto the stage where he fights with Kassandra. Then the other members each do a pirouette and then land across the judges table. I thought the pirouette was a great touch because they could have just walked to the judges table, but they cleverly did not, but did a pirouette in order to get to their final move. Kassandra is on stage in disbelief, while Bebo is in her arms and is happy. This is humorously done because normally the girl is in the guys arms, but Bebo is cute and small and is in Kassandra's arms instead. I like when crews go off of the stage because it's not usually done and it adds something new to a performance. Phunk Phenomenon put on a great production and it was well choreographed and acted out beautifully as well. Great job Phunk Phenomenon! They are also trying to show awareness for Sanfilippo Syndrome because Phunk Phenomenon's director's son Jared has this illness. Everyone should donate to this cause. Keep up the good work Phunk Phenomenon!  Score: 10/10

3) Street Kingdom: Boom, Boom, Boom! Street Kingdom came with extreme strength from the moment the song came on and I could feel it across the television screen. Their bodies moved perfectly and with great power to the intro beat, "boom, boom, boom" to Katy Perry's song E.T. All of the members were not only krumping, but were also hitting the beats to the song like poppers. Mark, Joseph, Melissa, and Tight-Eyez all had powerful expressions on their faces when the camera gave each of them a close up. The first 12 seconds of their performance was out of this world and had extreme intensity and they hit every beat of those first 12 seconds perfectly. It was great how 4 of the guys paired up in 2's and made the illusion of 2 revolving doors to the words "You are now invited to the other side of space." The expression on Mark's face and also the intensity of his movements when Joseph pretended to punch him went perfect with Katy Perry's lyrics "inject me with your poison." Then Joseph jumped directly backwards onto the back of another crew member and then was raised above the rest of his team mates and had an above head camera close up. This was cleverly done and also requires a lot of trust and strength by his team mates, especially when he jumped backwards onto the back of another crew member, he could have easily fell. Mark aka Streetnoize also displays intensity in his facial expressions, when he is on the ground in the center of the stage and then is lifted up by his his team mates. Street Kingdom are tight knit and never let each other down. However, the performance did get clumpy at times after the first 12 seconds. The first 12 seconds were great, but then it got kind of sloppy after that. I wish they would spread out more and then show off their krumping abilities. I want them to get away from always being so close to each other and spread out across the stage. I want them to krump in new ways, such as in a diagonal, square, triangle, or in any other shape or form they can creatively think of. I liked the part when they made the alien because it had movement and dramatic lighting and it looked like the wind was trying to blow them away. I liked when many of the members jumped off of the stage. However, I wished they jumped off of the stage earlier and krumped with more intensity to the music off stage. They could have krumped all the way to the ground and then dramatically gotten up to the end of the song. I hope next week they will stop clumping into each other so much and use the stage in more creative ways. However, the first 12 seconds blew me away with their intensity and I never saw such intensity before on ABDC. Great job Street Kingdom!  Score: 9/10

4) ReQuest: They executed a great locking section as well as clean hard hitting choreography. They started at the top of the staircase, which I think is an ABDC first and they made their way onto the stage. I liked the first wave they made because it had height and depth to it and one girl went across the center of it to represent a swimmer. Then they went into a nice locking section that also included partner work. I loved the second wave they made when they moved across the stage on their sides and then they moved across the stage on their backs. I was not expecting them to do this because they already made a wave, but I'm glad they did because this one moved across the floor with great precision and fluidity. Overall, it was gracefully executed. Then they made a third wave with their bodies in a straight line across the stage. Then they quickly sat down at the foot of the stage to flirt with Dtrix, while one of them went down and gave him a kiss. It was a fun performance with a lot of great hard hitting and creative choreography. ReQuest should be proud of themselves and they have a long dance career ahead of them! Great job ReQuest!!  Score: 9/10

5) 787 Crew: They showed a lot of great bboy movements and acrobatic flips. My favorite part was when 3 of the members did Russian taps to the right and left of the stage in their footwork. Russian taps are very simple, but 787 did them very well with beautifully executed right and left angles. Many times Russian taps are done very quickly and very sloppy, but they took their time with it and executed it well. I also liked their corkscrew flips. It was great how Perry came out in the middle of the performance and they framed him well by going into various hand movements. Then they did circular flips to the right and left of the stage, while staying in a straight line across the stage, with Perry as the center point. This has never been done before on ABDC. Usually flips are done upstage or downstage, but never to the right and left of the stage, so that was very creative and well executed. I also loved when they did suicide flips in a diagonal and Perry went across this stage perpendicular to that diagonal. Their performance was well executed and they are greatly improving. Keep up the good work 787!  Score: 8/10
6) Instant Noodles: Pretty good performance, but it could have been executed better. The backwards crab walk was great as well as the 3 flares that came one after another to the sounds of fireworks. I also liked the uprock section to the words "As you shoot across the sky" where they moved to left of the stage, while shaking their left leg and then they all went into a backwards gliding motion. It was a very creative way to present their uprocks and different from other crews uprocks. The ballet section was cute, but I liked when all of them went on the ground and did a flip to the right, when one of the guys was still standing and doing ballet. It was one those flips that are usually executed by lyrical dancers. I like when all of them do choreo at the same time and it's executed well. Sometimes their movements are done too quickly and they end up not being clean. I think they rushed through this performance and they should have taken their time. They are definitely moving across the stage more energetically than in past performances, but they need to slow it down just a little bit and frame their movements better. They should do more partner work and take their time executing their moves. I like when they execute a move perfectly and 100% instead of quickly and hastily. Don't stop being creative Instant Noodles and make sure you execute your movements perfectly!  Score: 7/10

7) Iconic Boyz: They are very charismatic and they are definitely improving. They are more fluid in their movements and are less stiff than in the last 2 performances. I also saw some of them poppin at the end during the credits. They are definitely learning great things from the other crews. I agree with Dtrix that they should tell a story with their movements with a beginning, middle, and end. They should have told a story on why the wall they built got broken down. The wall had height to it and it was well done, since they were worried about falling in the opening package. I also liked when they crawled across the stage on their backs. They are using the stage more and they have more levels in their choreography. They are definitely improving and I hope they keep getting better. Keep up the good work Iconic Boyz!  Score: 7/10 

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