Sunday, February 15, 2009

Message from Boxcuttuhz' Lando: Thanks fans for all your birthday love!

More from Lando's message:
"Thank you to all the boxcuttuhz across the globe. we highly appreciate all the motivating emails/myspace/facebook/
youtube messages that we have been receiving. Keep asking questions if you have them because you will not know until you try and ask, that goes for everything in life as well. DOn't let nobody tell you that you cannot do something, try first, and then let "yourself" tell you that you can't do it muahahahahahaha (hey you cannot be good at everything right?!)

...and a little info for ya ;) Keep a look out on our myspace's and facebook's for contest coming up (like a computer coloring contest of our logo, i like coloring contest what??!!!) for prizes to win after the finale episode of "Mtv's America's Best dance crew season 3" We will see you on stage for the finally, again sorry for holding back, but we will rip. also subscribe to our new youtube channel "out the box tv" thanks to junbug aka aris jefferson of the boxcuttuhz. and thanks to Gilbert Q. for starting a petition for the boxcuttuhz (google "boxcuttuhz petition") once we get settled after the show we will start hitting up the places across the states that wants us to come out and perform, promise, and if you want us to come or have business proposal for workshops and shows either hit up our or email "

in regards to my 26th birthday messages, thank you so much. the gift i received from those messages are not the "happy birthdays" and "thank you for......", but it is the feeling of inspiration that i have effected many, from the states to internationally, by doing what i love to not even noticing who i have effected. a lot of people believe being on the show will help out our careers (sometimes its true) but my purpose is to meet and inspire as many lives as possible before i leave this world at age "i dunno", old hopefully. well thats enough reading for ya huh, "whodatdurr, get your hand's nerdy". Lando aka bang jenkins outro. thank you bloggingbestdancecrew."

Thank you Lando!

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