Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kollaboration IX Field Report Part II: Fanny Pak

Here's the rest of the Kollaboration IX coverage from field reporters Annie and Angela Kim:

"Though we didn't get the chance to meet with Team Millennia this time. They were running late for their opening performance, so they walked the red carpet straight to backstage. Then they left because they had another performance to go to somewhere else after the show :[

We got to interview Fanny Pak as we spotted them unwinding and enjoying themselves in the VIP section at the after-party. When asked about their experience on America's Best Dance Crew, Cara 'Barricuda' Horibe jokingly replied, "It was terrible, I hated every second of it." But like everyone else, they confessed that it was a phenomenal experience. When talking about their favorite ABDC moments, Matt Cady said, "It's just so weird to ever enven know that a celebrity like Missy Elliot watched you and liked what you did. It was the best feeling ever." Fanny Pak wanted to give a shout out to their fans, "We really can't do anything without [you]. [Your] support throughout the whole process has been amazing. We wouldn't be anything without [you], so thank you. Thank you." Awww."
Here's the video of Fanny Pak at the after party. Like any party -- it's noisy and hard to hear, but just hold a drink and imagine you're there with Angela and Annie! Thanks for the terrific report!

Meg mentioned that Fanny Pak ended up at the edge of the stage in their performance. In order to really show the performance, we're posting videos from two angles. First -- a stageside view from Jennyyham:

And a longer distance view, to watch the whole crew, from Katanax:

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