Sunday, March 1, 2009

EMPOWER Benefit Field Report, with ASIID & Supreme Soul

More of Jayne's field report: "Supreme Soul had several smaller numbers during the evening. Who knew that RJ was so good with a yo-yo?! Pharside and Bionic did a mini- battle/mirror image showdown that the crowd went wild for. And, in fine Supreme Soul style, the whole crew (plus a few other members that weren't on ABDC) closed out the night with a totally entertaining play on the movie Office Space. Their performance was full of energy and put a punctuation mark on what really was a fantastic evening.

I had the privilege of interviewing Supreme Soul. I originally planned to do a podcast of the Q&A session, but we were standing in a noisy hallway and the audio quality was horrendous, so I decided to transcribe parts of it instead. Supreme Soul couldn’t have been nicer and more gracious in granting my interview request. I really appreciate the time they took out of their busy rehearsal schedule to meet with me. Here's a sampling of the interview:

J: So, I’m a former dancer, and I know sometimes it can be difficult to keep the motivation up. What keeps Supreme Soul going?
SS: A lot of things…family, friends, anything that’s inspiring that can keep you motivated to do what you love to do, which is dancing, for me personally, with all these guys. We do what we can to keep our drive going.

SS: I like dancin’ with these guys, these are all my good friends, we’ve got a good friendship going on.

SS: It’s nice coming from different styles, too. Some of us are b-boys, some of us are poppers, some of us krump, some of us just do straight choreography, so you’re influenced by all these new styles, it’s like starting over again and you find that initial motivation that you had when you started dancing. It’s a good spark.

J: Speaking of everyone’s different styles, we recently saw Frost again on ABDC, teaching everybody about krumping

SS: Good representation!

SS: That’s what he knows best, that’s where he comes from, and like, its just his movement. And for him to be able to at least teach some people about it…it’s good.

SS: He probably opened up a lot of eyes to a new style that’s out there.

J: Ok, so I have to ask: Who are you guys rooting for this season?

SS: (no hesitation) BEAT FREAKS!

J: Tell me more.

SS: Rino is a personal favorite of mine, but the Beat Freaks are just a good group of females…

SS: All around!

SS: Yeah, they’re pretty solid, they can’t really be touched.

J: Ok, well, anything else you want to add?


J: Will do! Thanks so much guys!

And there you have it!"

Thanks for this great report, Jayne! I feel like I was there!

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