Thursday, November 6, 2008

Exclusive Interview with Randy Jackson

More from Blogging America's Best Dance Crew's Exclusive interview with ABDC Executive Producer Randy Jackson:

Do you have an impact on the judges' decision for the final nine crews, since there is no tryout show this season?
'NO. They call it as they see it...I give a lot of credit to all the judges. They all have different styles and backgrounds...I know this season is going to be one of the best. All the crews are taking the feedback given to crews from previous seasons and putting it into their performances, so the crews are getting better. This season, I've seen some exceptional talents. I'm excited by it."

Is it difficult to balance the American Idol auditions and America's Best Dance Crew?
"No, they work well together. The America's Best Dance Crew tour just ended and we are travelling now for the Idol auditions."
What else are you involved in? "I support "
Walk for Obesity." It's a childrens' obesity organization that my wife and I founded a few years ago. I also help out the American Heart Association."

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