Sunday, June 21, 2009

Field Report on The Show in Dallas, with Quest and Marvelous Motion

Here's the rest of Mark and Courtney's field report on The Show in Dallas that was held on June 13, 2009. Thanks Mark and Courtney for all your detailed reporting and memorable work in photos and video. We'll post their Quest interview in the next few days.
The event started with $1500 winner take all B-boy competition featuring Jive Turkey's, Rythmic Rockers, Vicious Germz, and Gods of War. Vicious Germs and advanced to the finals with Jive Turkey'sVicious Germz taking the title for the second year in a row.
The Show also featured the largest urban dance competition in the Southwest United States and offered $1500 in cash and prizes. Eight crews from all over Texas competed including: the large crew Wyldstyl from Houston, high-energy Streatbeatz from San Antonio, Marvelous Motion's subcrew The Next Level from Houston, 16 year olds Bionic Soulz from Dallas, very original choreography of Brown Bag Special from Dallas, Redefined Dance Co. from Austin, Ruby Revue in spicy red outfits from Dallas, and The Barkada from Dallas. Overall, the crews' performance seemed very level. Streetbeatz took first place, The Barkada took second, and Wyldstyl came in third.
After the show, Quest Crew was kind enough to do an interview with us and responded to questions about the effect of Steve's absence on the performance, as well as information on TV and movie deals, and advice for dance crews.
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