Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Behind the Scenes at the Step Up 3D taping

Here's the rest of Nancy Senior's detailed and insightful report on her stint as an extra on the set of Step Up 3D, taping the finale dance scenes. Thanks Nancy -- I am SO jealous!

"The nicest dancers on the set were Kreative Humor, which is comprised of 3 members,
Aja George, Shonn (Popin' Pete's son), and Terrence. They are poppers and were always dancing on the set when we were not filming, which was amazing to watch because they are some of the best poppers I have ever seen. They were very funny and always made everyone in the audience laugh between takes. They also sat down and talked to us regular people in the audience and asked how we were doing and even held conversations with us. When we were not on the set they did not go off into their trailers, but would hang out with all of the regular audience members. Terrence even played football one afternoon with regular kids from the audience. On the first day on the set during lunch, some of the regular kids had a bboy battle, but on the second day of filming they did not. During lunch on the second day, Terrence came to our tent with Jalen and Lil Demon, which was far away from the trailers and where the cast members were eating lunch and he yelled, "I want to see a bboy battle" and we all laughed and no one got up and he yelled, "I came all this way I want to see a bboy battle" but still no one got up and he said "you're boring" lol and he left. I also asked for Terrence's autograph and he told me that I couldn't because he was illiterate. I told him that he could just scribble anything on the page and he told me that his name would not even be in the credits lol.

Shonn and Aja are both very humble and kind. When I asked for Shonn's autograph he had to make sure that I already had Terrence and Aja's autographs before he would sign his name. One night around 10 pm, we were filming the judges scene, which took a long time and all of the dancers were allowed to go home, except for the audience members. Shonn came back on the stage and danced for eveyone in the audience and kept everyone entertained. That was a lot of fun because he was acting silly and also doing some amazing dance moves that only he can do. Aja was always dancing on the stage when we weren't filming and he even showed Alyson Stoner how to pop. Aja was always one of the first dancers on the set and he would always stop by our tent to say hello. Every time I saw him, he told me to give him a hug lol. Aja would always walk around to talk to the fans and always made everyone laugh.

Kasper, who is a krumper, always hung out with Kreative Humor and was very kind as well. He played football along with Terrence on the lot with some of the audience members and was always hanging out and talking with the fans. I asked for his autograph and when he finished signing his name I said, "Thank you" and he said, "No thank you and smiled." Kasper even walked to our tent on the last morning of filming with Aja to say hello to all of us.

There were many other dancers that were very kind as well. Madd Chadd was always talking with the fans during lunch and during breaks and was always willing to take pictures and sign autographs. On the first day of filming he came around to all of the audience members and shook our hands and introduced himself. Adam Sevani, who played Moose in Step Up 2 did the same thing on the first day. When Adam finished filmming his scene and we were gettting ready to go to lunch, he came around and shook everyones hand and introduced himself. Alyson Stoner was always interacting with the fans and even hung out with everyone on the lot when we were not filming on the set. Mari Koda, who plays Jenny in Step Up 2, always talked with the fans. When I asked for Mari's autograph, she told me that she was not going to be good in this movie and I told her that she was an amazing dancer and she said, "No I'm ok" lol. Lajon who played Smiles in Step Up 2, also hung out with the fans. Bboy Luigi, who played Monster in Step Up 2, was very kind and took a picture with my friend. JRock who is a popper and is apart of Animated Beat Mechanics and the Groovaloos, was very humble and interacted with all of the fans. Remedy, who is one of the dancers, was also kind and sat with the fans between takes. Ashlee Nino of SYTYCD Season 2 hung out with the fans and was always talking to everyone outside of the set. The Lombard Twins, who are well rounded dancers and can even tap dance, was always hanging out and talking with the fans, both on the set and off of the set. Rick Malambri, who is a new character and plays Luke, always took the time to talk to the fans and take pictures. Twitch was very animated on stage and had a great amount of energy. He was always happy and interacted with the fans. Nellie is one of the dancers and she was very kind and happy to give me her autograph. Dancer David Moore from LA always took the time to talk to the fans. When I asked David for his autograph he looked surprised and said, "You want my autograph" and I said "Of course" and when he finished signing his name he said thank you. David Moore is not only an amazing dancer, but a nice person as well. Little Bgirl Simrin always hung out in the lot with all of the regular people and she was happy to give me her autograph. Jose Tena who is 14 years old and a member of Rhythm City was very humble and when I asked for his autograph he said, "Who Me" and he thanked me for asking for his autograph and he even shook my hand. Jose Tena is a great dancer and has a bright future ahead of him.

The stars on the set were Little Bboy Jalen and Lil Demon of Hawaii. Terrence of Kreative Humor held their hands when they were not on the set and was in charge of taking care of them when they were taking pictures and signing autographs for all of the fans. Whenever they were on stage, Bboy Jalen and Lil Demon always gave everyone a show and showed off their bboying skills!! Bboy Jalen even battled Bboy Legacy and won! Bboy Legacy would lift up Jalen and pretend to throw him into the audience and he would even show him new Bboy moves. Aja of Kreative Humor always carried Lil Demon around and made Lil Demon give everyone in the audience Hi-Five's.

The nicest bboys were Bboy Legacy, who is extremely humble and kind, Bboy Machine, who is very animated and funny, Bboy Venum who was always interacting with the fans, Bboy Luigi, Bboy FleaRock and Bboy Moy always talked to the fans, Bboy Steelo was very kind and told me to frame the paper that I had with everyone's autographs. Bboy Cloud is very tall just like Bboy Steelo, and Bboy FleaRock, which is unusual because Bboys tend to be short. Bboy Cloud has a solo in the movie and he is a very graceful and elegant dancer due to his height. Bboy Legacy and Bboy Luigi, who look like twins, were always bboying on stage and giving everyone a show!

If you do not like Bboying 2 names that you should search on youtube are Bboy Machine and Bboy Legacy. It does not matter if you like bboying or not because Bboy Machine and Bboy Legacy are in a class of their own!! Bboy Machine does not Bboy like any Bboy that was ever on ABDC, he has his own style that anyone can appreciate. He is also a very funny guy and was dancing and acting silly on stage when the cameras were not rolling. He came and talked to all of the regular people in the audience and was kind and friendly to everyone. At the end of the second night of filming, a boy from the audience decided to come on stage on his own and he did some really nice windmills. Bboy Machine was on the other side of the stage and when the kid got up from doing his windmills, Bboy Machine did a whole section of front flips and they were so high that he almost hit his head on the lights and he did his own windmills and the whole entire room went crazy. I have never seen Bboying the way Bboy Machine does it.

Bboy Legacy is a very powerful, elegant, and detailed dancer. The majority of bboys on the set danced for everyone in the audience during their downtime, but no one had intricate and fast moving footwork while being on the ground like Bboy Legacy. He is also extremely kind. He smiled and said hello to everyone every time he stepped on stage. When we were not filming inside the set and were asked to step outside onto the lot, he did not go off into his trailer, but he stayed and talked to all of the regular people and he even showed some kids how to do specific bboy moves. Bboy Legacy is a true Bboy and was one of the nicest people on the set along with Aja, Terrence, Shonn, Casper, Bboy Luigi, Bboy Venum, Bboy Machine, the Lombard Twins, Alyson Stoner, Adam Sevani, Mari Koda, Smiles, Remedy, Lil Demon, Jose Tena, Simrin, and Bboy Jalen."

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