Monday, July 26, 2010

World of Dance Seattle: Field report & videos of Jalen, Super Cr3w, Kontagious Movement!

Here's the rest of David Sean Jason's report. Thanks again!

First off, the event took place in Auburn, which I believe was a horrible idea. Despite the great turnout, I believe WOD Seattle should've taken place IN Seattle. The line getting inside wasn't that big of a deal. Tickets were available at the location if you didn't buy one online. I was expecting the place to be bigger, but was disappointed on how small the place was. It was really packed so I just went straight to the auditorium where I got AWESOME seats (middle of 3rd row). Atmosphere was awesome and the hosts were great.

There was an intermission for a celebrity meet and greet. Alot of people got posters signed and even their ukeleles signed by Victor Kim. Speaking of Victor Kim, he was AMAZING! Played more songs than he expected and he is a really nice guy. I could honestly listen to him play and sing all day. Way better than Youtube videos.

Overall, GREAT event and will definitely go again next year!
More videos: Jalen (from FenroKaiderX Youtube Channel). Thanks for the link, Ninjaboi! 

Quest's Victor Kim singing (from LisaThatGirlX3 Youtube Channel)

Super Cr3w battling Ring of Fire:

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