Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Field Report: Elements X

Here's the rest of the field report by Melissa of SuperCr3w.com.

HONORABLE MENTION goes to Lil Phunk in my opinion. They are so young (6-13yr olds) and so talented. I’m GLAD they weren’t allowed to compete cause they would’ve stolen first place. I especially enjoyed the MJ tribute and watching one of the kids moonwalk. They brought the house down and received a standing ovation. I guess they’re the future abdc champions! Though, I wonder if they understand all the words to some of the songs they dance to…

FIRST PLACE winners were Static Noyze, who was extremely original. They played the story of a murder investigation and there’s a nice twist at the end when you find out who did it and who the next victim is.

NOW ABOUT THOSE ABDC CREWS…FR3SH I GOT A BONE TO PICK WITH YOU….. Even though it was advertised, Fr3sh 7 didn’t perform at all! Not sure why, but I guess it’s all forgivable when the Fr3sh Dance Company was able to perform and members of Fr3sh 7 was in that routine!! (I gotta a feeling that Fr3sh 7 also was responsible for majority of the choreography in the Fr3sh Dance Co. routine) I thought it was really smart how they started with some weird version of Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi and then end it again with Paparazzi. Nice complete circle. By the way, how do you wake up Lady Gaga? Give up?? Well, You Pokee-her- face! [/end lame joke that I love to throw in whenever Lady Gaga is mentioned]

RHYTHM CITY… you surprised me. I was expecting to see a lot of abdc routines, but for the most part I thought a lot of it was new. There were a lot of solos in this routine and some of the solos really shocked me. Bone breaking? I think that’s what it’s called… and I did NOT know you can do that…

SO REAL CRU received applauses all around. I also feel like they sold out all their shirts they were selling cause it was so crowded by their table. Nuff said.

OVERALL it was a great show. Not really a show I would bring the younger kids too cause there were some pretty “mature” moments. (I actually saw a mother of one of the Lil Phunk kids cover the ears of her child at one point!) A little long, but that means you really get your money’s worth and the DJ was great at keeping us entertained in between sets.

OH AND DID I MENTION THERE WAS A RANDOM CYPHER DURING INTERMISSION? Well, there was! I love spontaneous stuff like that; keeping things fr3sh and so real! [/end pun]
Thanks Melissa!

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