Monday, December 7, 2009

Detailed report on the Denver ABDC auditions

Here's the rest of the write-up on the America's Best Dance Crew Season 5 auditions.

Noted Crews were:

True 2 Form- out of Boulder, Colorado. They had a funky old school hip hop vibe, i think consisting of mostly females. Great dancing, and intense passion for hip hop- but i'm not sure if they are ready for the competition just yet.

Motion Underground
of the Denver area. Showing up to the audition with silver hair, and theatrical makeup that turned everyone's heads. Their hip hop choreography was clean and unlike most crews, their 4 girls were the strongest assets to the team. Their routine was different, the visuals were nice- and like i said.. those girls are rising stars.

, driving across the Rocky's from Arizona. I believe i saw them last year in Los Angeles, and they are back again this year in Colorado for another run. They're style was intricate. Popping mostly... reminded me of Poreotics. Great routine- very entertaining.

The Bandits- (i think that was their name) another tight 'choreo' crew with a specialty bboy. They came representing their small town in Texas. 7 Young guys- no one over the age of 20 i believe. They have a lot of talent and potential.

BreakEFX- the hometown heroes out of Denver were also there. They tried out last year as well i believe (found a video on Pacific Rim) in Los Angeles, and are back in Their city to represent again...this time bringing their Panda Mascots to cheer them on....yes, pandas.. and they even got down in the circle. They're routine blew my mind. It wasn't as clean as the other crews, but their charisma and tricks made up for the lack of cleanliness. I see great potential.

Illmatic Krew- a bboy crew from Miami representing the South. I watched the Breakefx guys and girls practice with the Illmatic crew- going back and forth on tricks and movement. I didn't get a chance to see their routine... but I can tell they are strictly bboys. Though one member was technically trained... shocking everyone in the room with 4 pirouettes into perfect splits! This crew has potential, but there was so much talent in the room, it was hard to see who would be a favorite.

The Rocky Mountain Rockstars also came to audition. Most of the girls danced together with the NBA Nuggets, and have a strong bond between them. Their good looks, and high kicks could get them pretty far... I'm not sure what MTV is looking for this year, but if they want sex appeal, and jazz technique these girls are the way to go.

Boom Unit
, out of Boulder Colorado. a group created within a local dance studio called Streetside. Ages ranging from young 16 year old, to a mother of 2- these girls were hard hitting and sexy all in one. They had an afro hip hop style, and you can tell they were trained in many styles. I loved their energy.
There was a few other teams that I couldn't get the names of.

A contemporary company i believe were called the Damsels were there. A twisted look with a bright pink mohawk, dark shadow eyes, and ripped up clothing. They're choreography was also dark and twisted- but different. If MTV wants contemporary, my vote is for this company. Look out No Label!

Two other bboy teams came through (i did not see their routines or get their names..sorry) as well as a clogging team. I apologize i couldn't get the names of the last crews... I was only in the practice room... I only noted the routines that were practiced in the room when I was there.... it was a long day, i needed some fresh air sometimes!! :)

The day ended as the dancers packed up their things either disappointed and empty handed, or looking very focused, and nervous with a CD of music and their Callback Challenge.Note: the challenge was to use a prop... and the music sounded like it belonged to a high school cheerleading team....eww!!!

DAY TWO: Bright and early back in the studio, interviews were conducted outside in the freezing cold weather, and crews were finishing up the routines they spent the entire night making up for the call backs.
First crew up was Electrolytes... using light sabers as their prop. Creative prop...visually stimulating. Simple choreography.

Bandits Crew
- a giant stick was their prop.. utilizing members of their team with black belts in some sort of martial art- made the piece entertaining.
Motion Underground- sticking to their over the top theatrical effects- they created a bar scene with cigars and a table as their prop. Table seemed almost too easy- but i liked the creativity, and the story line.
Illmatic Krew
- magazine. I didn't get a chance to see the whole routine, but I'll be honest... they didn't look happy coming out of the audition room.
The Rocky Mountain Rockstars- a pink remote. More Jazz choreography than hip hop this time... cute costumes... the prop confused me.
BreakEFX- chairs. Though it seems that chairs were too obvious. But they utilized them creatively, and completely showed us a different side of BreakEFX using a mind blowing finger tut routine, and intricate choreography instead of just bboy blow ups. very impressive.
Boom Unit arrived fashionably late, and unfortunately, i didn't get a chance to see them practice their routine before they went in front of the judges... so I'm unsure what their prop was. They were wearing hoodies- so I'm assuming hoods? I love their style- so what ever they did, it must have been great.
The Damsels
contemporary crew was called back as well... but unfortunately one of their dancers, previously sick before the audition caught pneumonia while standing outside, and was unable to come audition. Our prayers are still with her to return home from the hospital.

Shane Sparks arrived that afternoon, as well as Nichelle from We Are Heroes. JC Chasez could not make it. Through the paper thin walls i could hear cheers or tears coming from the teams... It's unsure who they will pick, but I expect you won't see the end of Breakefx, Motion Underground, Electrolytes, The Cloggers, or Boom Unit.

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