Tuesday, October 5, 2010

ABDC Master Mix Contest: People eligible for Sudden Death Round

People who have 22-24 points in our ABDC Master Mix Contest are still eligible to win by entering the Suddent Death Round. If your name is not on the list and you think it should be, then email me at ABDCContest@gmail.com with what score you think you deserve. I will email you back and tell you which weeks are missing/incorrect. If you can then forward your original email to me for that week, I will give you credit for the missing points.

The names listed are either: the name the entrant used in the emails or the first part of their email address (in cases where there were multiple people with the same name or if no name was given)

People with 24 points: Andrea Richards, Belgian Boy, Brad, Byeynyn, Candice, CG, Chemamin, David Bay, Darren, Erik S, Florian R., Framfrit, Goonie644, Hank, Jai, jjvirus, John Doe, Jonathan S., Karen Chu, LetRyGuyIn,  Levithan,  Mr. Tabachoi, Ninjaboi, Numa Nash, pupkp161, Robel, RockSteadyByMe, Shahin, Sunset, Teldon, TimetoFlytotheCheese, Tony Tran, VivalaVix, xxxcrashoverride, y2kt1189

People with 22 points: Doug, Jarthon, Justin W, Leslieforsheezy, Meowie, Ramcnei2, Rellmatic, Sharrod, Sophia, SurroundedbyIdiots, The Trend, Tuba

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