Sunday, November 21, 2010

DirtfaceX's field report (with video) on Beat Freaks workshops in New York

Here's the rest of DirtfaceX's report on the Beat Freaks workshops and his interview with the crew. Thanks again DirtfaceX!
Day 2: The girls taught for an even BIGGER group of kids at the Inspiration Dance Studio.  Nearly a hundred kids attended the workshops and were broken down into three groups - little kids, not-as-little kids, and big kids.  The event was three hours with the Beat Freaks rotating classes.  It was interesting seeing the different methods and dynamics each Beat Freak used when they taught the younger group compared to the older kids.  Near the end of the night, I could sense that the younger kids were getting restless and so Jules and Teresa didn't teach a routine so much and played a 'freeze dance game' and broke out into a freestyle cypher.  At the end, there was a Q&A session with the girls - where they talked about their 'Freak the Dream' campaign and answered any questions that the kids had.  Afterwards, everybody lined up for pictures and autographs.

I conducted a quick interview with the girls - however, there were technical issues and no audio was captured. Real shame.  But here's a quick recap:  I asked if there were any ABDC crews who they want to work with and they unanimously said 'Jungle Boogie'.  They already had done some work them for Old Navy and both crews will soon be featured on the AMA's in the near future.  Rino also mentioned that she wanted to do a routine with 'Vogue Evolution' and Teresa added they they wanted to work with their friends, The Jabbawockeez and Super Cr3w.  We also talked about their newest member of the crew - BGirl Bonita - and her official joining of the crew.  If you haven't seen or heard of Bonita, youtube her (she's really hot!).  Then I asked if they would do ABDC again and Teresa gave a quick "YES!".  Teresa and Jules said they would definitely be down.  Rino was a bit hesitant - but she said if the other girls were doing it, then she'd be down too.  And Alison, who wasn't on the show, said she would LOVE to be on it.  Finally, I asked about any upcoming projects.  Keep a look out for a weekly (?) internet show.  Follow the girls on twitter and in the weeks to come for more details.

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend.  Everyone involved was so polite and courteous and the girls are all so down to earth.  Thanks!

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