Sunday, December 19, 2010

DirtFaceX’s field report (with video) on MICHAEL CD release party in New York City

Here's the rest of my report along with more pictures from the event.
One of the many highlights of the night was randomly running into Rhythm City from Season 4! The entire RC family was in attendance- dancing and singing to MJ throughout the night. I didn’t realize till later, but Denzel from RC was one of the dancers who performed in one of the featured dance routines (wearing the sleeveless coveralls). I chatted with Alonzo for a bit and asked him what’s been going on with the crew lately. The entire group actually just got back from China where they got a great response from their far east fans.

The two featured events of the night were the dance routines. Other than that, it was just a dope-ass party--- impersonators, sparkly gloves, posing for pictures, sing-a-longs, and plenty of dancing! ::aCHA-ooo!:: I hate to say this, but it was truly one of those memorable, “you had to be there” events. Here’s a bunch of pictures I took throughout the night. Enjoy! And always remember to SHAM-ON!

Michael overlooking the party

DJ Cassidy on the ones and twos

the masses showed up to celebrate Michael

My fam and me meeting Rhythm City