Sunday, October 16, 2011

Freeze Report: World of Dance San Diego

What’s good BloggingAmericasBestDanceCrew! This is Freeze here recapping what was probably one of the best World of Dance's I’ve been too. They just seem to be getting bigger and better every year!  Of course the moment I got there I blew through my money buying as much stuff as I could and as much as it hurt my wallet it was worth it. I grabbed my seat and got ready for the show to start, Ricky Cole from MWC and Charles Nguyen(Whose Birthday it was) from Poreotics came on to host the Youth Division.
Freeze and Can Nguyen
The Youth Division seems to be getting stronger and stronger every year, its amazing how dedicated and passionate these kids and teenagers are. 3 of the 5 Culture Shock crews performed in the Youth Division that day including Mini Shock whose members are no older than 6! My favorite performances had to come from ILLmaculate, Elektrolyttlez, and Jacob and Jill. But the overall talent level from all the crews was just astounding. Unfortunately I was unable to hear the winners for the Youth Division as I went out to get a slice of pizza from the vendors. 
Freeze and Instant Noodles
The Meet and Greet commenced during the intermission and boy were ALOT of people. I was lucky enough to win the Verizon contest and was given Front of the Line Priority at the Meet and Greet :] The line started with Chi-Towns Finest Breakers, onto RAF Crew from France, Instant Noodles, MWC, and then I.aM.mE. We were allowed to take pictures with everyone BUT Chachi which I found hilarious, Luckily she still remembered me from the ABDC Finale so I was able to come by her booth and take a picture with her. After the Meet and Greet the Upper Division began.
Freeze and Chachi
Now let me say this, dubstep dominated the entire show. From the Youth Division to the Upper Division almost every crew had a dubstep routine, which was actually a pretty good idea because the crowd got twice as hyped every time a piece came on. The Upper Division was insane. One after one the crews kept on killing it. Then the time came for Chi-Towns Finest Breakers to perform, I've seen them before but seeing them in person was just jaw dropping. My favorite part was Spinderella did her headspin for almost 4 min's nonstop. But that wasn’t the best part, her brothers threw two hoola hoops on her and she began hoola hooping WHILE doing the headspin. Then to top it all off CL put the mic on the floor and she grabbed it as she was turning and began talking to the crowd while still headspinning. I was speechless.
Freeze, 747, and Moon
Right after Chi-Town went up SB of the Jabbwockeez and Nick Ngo of the Bangerz were set to perform, while they were setting up the DJ station in the back TK Nguyen called back Chi Town for a little freestyle session on stage for 30 seconds. Then CL came out and did a freestyle rap for everyone which was really cool. SB performed and as a surprise brought out the entire Jabbwockeez crew. Because of scheduling conflicts with their show in Vegas they were unable to claim there Dancers of the Decade Award at the World of Dance Awards this past December so Myron came out on stage and gladly gave them their award. He also called out Keone and Mari to give them the Choreographers of the Year Award.
Freeze and Bam Martin
Freeze and JP Goldstein
When the awards finished the Upper Division continued on with Electrolytes and Choreo Cookies coming out in full force. The upper division ended on a massive yet hilarious note with Academy of Swag, Instant Noodles, Super Galactic Beat Manipulators, and RAF Crew closing it out and Sexy Boy Special doing a hilarious dance routine that had the entire crowd laughing out of their seats. Charles from Poreotics was with me during the entire routine and he was laughing like crazy. Before the Awards were handed out they had their Industry Solo Performances from JP Goldstein, Ricky Cole, Lando Wilkins, Chachi Gonzales, Brandon 747, Can Nguyen, and Charles Nguyen. Finally at the end of the night Super Galactic Beat Manipulators took home 1st Place with Academy of Swag coming in at a narrow 2nd and Electrolytes in 3rd. All I can say is it was one hell of a night.
Freeze and Charles Nguyen
Thanks to Freeze for this write up and for the shoutouts! Even if you have made us all extremely jealous.