Thursday, October 20, 2011

Videos from WOD San Diego: 1st place SGBM; Instant Noodles, Elektrolytes, Acad. of Swag ++

More from World of Dance San Diego 2011:
Academy of Swag took 2nd place in the Adult division. Video from ART8AROXXX Youtube Channel:

Elektrolytes performance, from Dance21 Youtube.  Thanks for the tip, Anid!

Elelektrolyte's youth group called Elektrolyttlez took 3rd place in the Youth Division. From jrobert01x2 Youtube:

Instant Noodles performed in exhitibition. From Instant NoodlesCrew Youtube:
Many other great performances that day, including Choreo Cookies (not publicly available video). If you were there, what were your favorites?
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