Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dance Hero Japan | Season 3 Episode 3 Recap

More on Dance Hero Japan Season 3 Episode 3: 
LnP continue their sexy Broadway style, dancing to "Diamond's are  Guy's Best Friend" and getting 320 points total. They really capture that style well, very much capturing the spirit of Marily Monroe through dance.

Tokyo Footwork chose to use live music with a drummer, representing house music well and placing third with 270 points. Incorporating some bboy/acrobatics as well, they had great flow and showed how house dance, and really all dance, is about the music and bringing that to life. 

Trickstar again amazes with their popping, netting 230 points for the competition . Their costumes with makeup seemed to remind me of the Joker, and they played that slightly creepy angle really well. The balloon thing also reminded me of the AOV set that used one. But their ticking, hits, and isolation are top notch. 

Tokyo Beat Surf ended up wtih 80 points, but that doesn't mean that they're lacking as dancers in anyway. Their brand of newstyle choreo, with a lot of swag and loose movements is really compelling to watch, I also really enjoyed their music selection throughout the past few seasons.

Area Rock Styler is another crew that should have had more points than they got. They brough it all, with fast hitting popping, bboy, and some house to boot. Maybe they just needed a bit better blocking, and something to make them a little less generic compared to the other dancers this season, but I still hope they try again to represent themselves. Also shout out to the Beaste Boys Remix

Macho Pirates Opera Company are... always interesting. Some audience participation this time, which is a first. Still can't quite place what technique or style they're doing, but maybe that's their whole point - that they're doing their own thing. They end the season with 50 points

City Lights Tokyo had a less structured performance style, leading to 10 points overall this season. I didn't care for it personally. I think they could have been cleaner, and spent less time in the beginning "posing." They did have "Rack Swag City" cover though with relatively simpler choreography. I think they are better individual freestyle dancers than choreographed performers. 

Odorunosuki has zero points, which I find hard to believe. I'll leave it to you to decide, but I still enjoyed their dancing this past season. Dancing to non-traditional hip hop music is risky, and they pulled it off nicely I think, especially with the hat bit at the end.

All Genre Blenders, the youth group this season, again ended with zero points, when they definitely deserved more. I think that they concept they had with the conductor, combined with the energy they brought, the breadth of technique they showed proficiency in, and the general skill they had, I think should ave done better. There were some blocking mistakes, like with the highlights in the spotlight, but other than that, they did well. They are young still though, so they have a bright future
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