Monday, July 30, 2012

Korea's Got Talent

Animation Crew shows off their eponymous style of animation based popping, while telling a touching tale of what appears to be a husband who lost his wife. They recently also performed at R16.

Locking Khan and Moon show off some of the best locking I've ever seen. What really makes this performance shine is their integration of the background visuals, which actually complement their performance instead of detract from it as is usually the case. Locking Khan is one of the best lockers in the world, having represented well at Juste Deboute and other major events worldwide

PID reminds me a lot of crews like Fighting Gravity and Team iLuminate. They also use blacklights and dancing, so if you enjoyed their American counterparts, then be sure to check them out.

Morning of Owl is one of my favorite Bboy crews of all time. They're always up for something crazy and creative, from doing a 6 minute performance to no music for Battle of the Year, to insane routines at R16. Of note is their powerhead Bboy Pocket, though everyone in the crew is pretty insane. Make sure you watch their routine below!

Hopefully the American version of this will have dancers represented as well too soon.