Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Chris Trondsen's preview of tonight's ABDC Crews Control Challenge! #ABDC

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I'm going to give you the descriptions of the performances out of order so it doesn't give spoilers to who is in the bottom.

Remember Quest Crew's famous last performance of Season 3 that got them to win the season? With Ryan playing the piano and the emotional overall performance? Well, they do it again tonight where the re-enact and tell a story about a time where the crew was almost going to break up but decide last-minute to stay together and now they're happy that they did. Their performance is so deep that it actually gets one of the judges to cry. The performance is a spectacular one and shows a completely different side of Quest from what we saw last week-- and was probably the highlight of the night.

Super Cr3w was perfection. They took it back to the old-school feel of the 80's hip-hop scene in New York. The complete stage will look like in New York subway. They also bring out some props which are able to showcase their B-boy style using those props. Their style overall take it to the basics of the bboy and show you the bboy foundations from some of the best.

IaMmE tries something no one's ever tried before on stage. I'm not going to give away what they use but just know that if you go on Vine, every Viner is using them in their Vines now. The dance crew uses these to perform. There's also a lot more choreography in this piece. In classic IaMmE fashion, they tell a story. Emilio and Bboy Bebo are able to show off a lot of their Bboy moves and tricks, the girls are able to do flips, and the choreography is awesome. And of course IaMmE show some incredible visuals. The only thing is that using the props-- they might've taken away a little bit from the performance because it's hard to dance using them but it also showcased an awesome visual. Probably not my favorite performance since they've been so strong this whole season but definitely one that reminds you why they won season 6.

Nothing could be said that's going to prepare you for the Kinjaz performance tonight. They bring out a special guest and actually perform to no music. What it allows the crew to do is show that they are some of the best choreographers and dancers on the planet-- who have a style of their own that many other crews try to emulate but can't perfect as much as Kinjaz. It gets some of the biggest reaction from the crowd and from the judges; rightfully so. This is definitely going to be one of those performances that you remember.

I don't agree with what crew they sent home. I think the crew is one of the best and there's no crew like it. In fact, when thinking about all seven seasons back it's probably one of the crews that stands out as one of the best. However, to be fair the top four crews right now are some of the best so it's not like any decision would've been a right one. I'm curious to see if people think they put the right two crews in the bottom or if you disagree with me and think the judges and producers got it right. But I definitely don't think the crew should've gone home yet and I'm sad because I know that they would've come up with some bigger things for the weeks ahead. It's just hard because the other crew they went up against had one of the best nights and I don't think this was the best night of the crew that went home.