Sunday, September 14, 2008

Atlanta -- Win free tickets to ABDC Live tour!

Gotta Dance Atlanta is giving away free tickets to the ABDC Live tour. To win, answer the following questions and send answers to by Sept. 18. Write "America's Best Dance Crew Tickets" in the subject line. Their questions & our hints:
1. What song did JabbaWockeeZ and Super Cr3w perform to during the battle for the VMAs? (answer: "We are the Champions")
2. Who is Lester Horton, where was he born, and where did he start his company? (hint 2: Wikipedia is your friend!)
3. What bus number do you have to take to get to Gotta Dance Atlanta and where was the original building of Gotta Dance Atlanta located and name one of the first instructors. (hint 3: check out