Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fanny Pak Live Chat on Stardoll -Part I

Here's Fanny Pak's live chat on StarDoll.com, which took place Sept. 23. Questions in bold, abswers in italics, and no spelling has been changed!.
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Moderator: So, we’re glad to welcome Fanny Pak to the doll house.Lots of questions from around 100 countries are waiting for you, so Fanny Pak, do your thing!

Hi *****Pak, how long did it take to prepare that routine called "Dangerous Prom?

3 or 4 days, and that was the longest we've ever had to prepare. We were all sick during that week!
what do u think how should i name my new doggy??
Rufus, Brutus, Sabastian, or Fannigan.
Heyaaa just wondering Who is the Best dancer????
We are all very individual, we complement each other.
do you like hsm i do love it
Cara was actually in HSM 3!
Do you like to sleep more?
We are inspired by each other, and the Webster dictionary.
which one do you choose, Avril lavigne or paris hilton?
A loud Avril!!!
Are you guys available to do gigs? How would I go about booking you for an event?
Our managers contact info is on our Myspace page
OMh i love u!So how did u all meet?
We met in Matt Cady's dance class
do you like tokio hotel?
We met them at the VMA after-party, and they are really cool people.
Hi! What was the funniest thing you ever done?
Megan's booty popping was the funniest thing that has happened on tour so far.
What color is the socks that you're wearnig right now?
White, Strawberry, and some of us were rushed this morning and aren't wearing any today!
what do u like more apples or oranges?
Well we don't all like the same things...some like Apples and some like Oranges and some don't like either.
do you ever watch cartoons???
Yes! A lot of us really like Family Guy.
How long have you been friends with eachother?
We actually hate each other. Kidding!!! 2 years-ish.
what is your favourite breed of dog?
Phil says Chorkie, Tiff says Maltipu, Matt say Laso Aposa
who is the loudest in the crew
Do you like My Chemical Romance or Fall Out Boy Best?
My Chemical Romance, although Fall Out Boy has some really nice singles.
If you could meet anyone at all, who would it be?
Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Kate Hudson, Martin Luther King Jr.
Where do you gals get your fab dresses from?
3 stores we like: Fred Segal, Goodwill, and Bebe.
if you could be a super-hero which one you will be?
Batman, Catwoman, or Superman
Rihanna or Avril Lavigne? Just asking. Can you tell everyone who you guys are?
Oooohhh. We like both, but they are completely different!
If you could be anyone for the day who would you be? Xoxo
Megan says Oprah for a day. Matt says Ellen. She's sick.
hi who do u prefer micheal jacksons moonwalk orthe robot?
ooh Michael's Moonwalk. Always Michael.
Have you ever had a bad hair day?
Every day, all the time. Tiffani wears hats to cover up her bad hair day. She once wore a hat for two weeks.
have you ever watched harry potter?
Glenda is obsessed with Harry Potter!
What is the best thing you da at sleepovers?
We make movies and play Guitar Hero.
Hi would you say your glass was half full or half empty
Our glass is always half full.
What do you like most about being on tour?
The tour bus. It's a luxury liner. And we love meeting our fans!
Do You Think You Can Beat Me At Guitar Hero? (I Warn You - I Rock! Lol)
Probably not. Matt's biggest score was 57%.
Where did you get the name ***** Pak from?
Well we love the 80s and it was a huge fashion statement during that time. And we are a group, so we liked the name "pak"
Hi I love the 80's also, so who is the most athletic in the group? And who thought of the military routine?
Glenda is the most athletic and it was Megan's idea to use the platforms for the toy soldier.

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