Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fanny Pak Live Chat on Stardoll - Part II

This is the second part of Fanny Pak's live chat on Stardoll.com. Questions are in bol, answers in italics and no spelling has been corrected!
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What is the craziest thing a fan has ever done when they met you?
When fans cry, it's really crazy. We never expected that people would be so excited about us. We're just regular people.
who do you guys think is the dorkiest? love u guys!!
Phil or Megan. But Megan isn't that much of a dork, so it is Phil.
did you watch lord of the rings?? which part do you like the most??
Matt loves the 10 minute part ending of the 3rd Lord of the Rings. He was crying the whole time. Beau agrees that was the best part.
what do you eat this morning for the breakfast ? xD
Starbucks and it was noon. And PB&J sandwiches.
Not at all. Cara shoots down all of our choices. Cara likes to a high-low mix, but she has expensive taste.
If you weren't a celeb what other job would you do?
If we weren't dancers, then Megan and Cara would want to be chefs. Glenda would be a secret agent. Beau would be a teacher. Phil would be a designer. Matt would be a dance teacher.
how did u heard bout stardoll?
Bridget and Lauren...they are the coolest!
What is your favourite pair of shoes :-)?
Phil's is Milkshake kicks. Cara's are Creative Recreation. We are actually going to have a Fanny Pak sneaker coming out soon!
Do you ever wear sunglasses and things so people think your not a celeb?
No we aren't celebs! But we do like to wear wigs and make movies.
what do u think about scarfs??are they popular accesories???
We LOVE accessories! Especially scarves.
who of you is the most serious??
None of us. We are all crazy! Nothing serious going on in the Pak.
DO you have any rituals that you do before show?
We pray and sometimes we meditate to Enya. And we do bad dancing. It can go either way, either bad dancing or meditation.
Do you like to wear high heels
All Tiffani wears are high heels. She bought her first pair of sneakers for the show.
Do you believe Santa Claus..?
If you could have a magic power what would it be?
Phil transport, Cara says invisibility, Beau would want regenerate, Matt says time travel and to live forever. We are all huge fans of Heroes. We are watching it on the tour bus now.
Do you like Converse's? I have red ones!
Matt doesn't like Converse, but everyone else loves them.
hi what do you guys do realy i have never heard of you any way when i find out i will tell everyone!!!:) and my name is leyla
We are America's Best Dance Crew. We are kind of a big deal. Our apartment smells of rich mahogany. We have many leather bound books.
Hey guys how did u start ur career as dancers?
Cara started by dancing on a drill team. Phil started by watching Britney Spears.
hi, i am a big fan! what is the ugliest thing you ever seen?
Phil Collins. For us, ugly means we like it. So when we really like something, we say it's ugly. Ugly is awesome.
Hey!Where has been the Best place to preform??U GUYS ROCKED AT THE VMA'S
The VMAs were the best place for sure.
Idk if this will come up but... Does anyone watch Spongebob Squarepants... lol
Yes we are obsessed. SpongeBob is amazing!
how do u guys choose your dance moves
We play the word association game. We pick a word and try to bring it to life.
do any of u have a crush on each other?
Not at all. Phil would like to date everyone but he gets turned down every time he asks.
u know u have fans in israel??
What!? Now we do! We are so excited and we want to visit and perform there. We will tell our manager
Have you ever got in alot of trouble?
Not really. Even though we are crazy, we are all good kids.
Hello ! Can I ask , what's you're favourite kind of music?Thank you .
We like every type of music and dance to all kinds of things, minus country music. Cara likes a few country songs, and Phil likes slow R&B jams. Tiffani loves the Dixie Chicks.
whose your favorite actress? what do you think about hilary duff
Phil loves Scarlett Jo, Tiffani loves Julia Roberts, Glenda likes Sandra Bullock. Cara loves Kate Hudson. Megan loves Laura Linney. All of us LOVE Johnny Depp. He can do anything!
do you make up funny words and make a meaning for them?
ALL THE TIME. Look out for the Fanny Pak dictionary. Sick-ning. That means amazing. We don't really make up new words, but we like to change the meaning of words.
HEY! Who some of your role models?
Role Models - our mothers! Word to your mom. Your parents are always there for you. Be nice to your parents!
who are your favourite desingers?? LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oooooh. Marc Jacobs, Betsey Johnson, Kara Saun from Project Runway too. We got to know her through the show. Phil likes Cavalli's runway shows!
did u think coming in macedonia and preform?
We will perform anywhere!
I am a HEEEE-UGE fan!!!!! So, do you guys have any build-a-bears or special stuffed animals you cuddle with? Thanks!
Glenda has a brown bear named Genie. She cuddles every night with the bear! Megan doesn't do stuffed animals. Tiffani has a snow-edition Tigger and Phil has a Astronaut Build-A-Bear.
are you afraid of UNICORNS? they really scare me!!
Nope. We like crazy mystical creatures.
Hi lets hope this question comes up, none of my questions have come up :(. Anyway whos music would you rather lsten to Boyzone or Take that? (pretty please come up)
Take That is so much better than Boy Zone according to Beau.
Hello! Which are your fav movies ? :D
MAtt says Hocus Pocus...you need to know it. Tiffani loves Jim Carey movies, Ace Ventura. Phil says The Holiday and The Notebook. Megan said that P.S. I Love You is a horrible movie.
Whats Your Fave Icde-Cream...
Glenda says Cookies and Cream. Matt, Tiffani, and Beau like Mint Chip, but it has to be green. Phil will eat any kind of ice cream you put in front of him.
hi i was wondering what do you mostly enjoy doing in your free time?
Watching movies, shopping, eating. We are homebodies. Matt likes to "stumble" on Firefox and find cool new websites.
who wins when u play guitar hero? :P
Beau wins. He's on the medium level.
hi what your favorite book?
Phil loves this question. Cara loves Stardust. Megan loves the Kite Runner. Matt likes Parrell Worlds by Michico Hahn. Megan also likes the Lovely Bones. Tiff likes Are You there God, It's me, Margaret.
hey OMG i like totally love you guys, Hers a wierd qetion what do you prefer hot dogs or green beans :P
HOT DOGS from Cosco. All beef. Except for Tiffani, she doesn't do beef.
OMG i totally love you guys anyway wierd question what is th biggest dream of you life like what is your future, xx..xx
This is it - we are living our dream! And we also dream about being Stardolls! Thanks so much for chatting! Matt, Phil, Tiffani, Megan, Glenda, Cara, Beau all say goodbye and thank you!!!

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