Friday, June 3, 2011

Freeze's Review of the taping of ABDC6's Finale

Poreotics - Loved their performance, The theme was "College Frat" and it began with a good amount of dubstep mix using some of there Tron Legacy performance, THEN the mix goes into Rebecca Blacks Friday. YUP, never thought you'd see that song on ABDC but Poreotics danced to Friday, but they redeemed themselves by having the masked murderer "Jason" (Halloween fans should know who I'm talking about) come out and kill the entire crew (Who I'm assuming were "Rebecca Blacks" haha).

Quest Crew - Performance was so high energy, the theme was a "Slumber Party!" The entire crew came out in purple Pajamas and pillows. Before I continue let me make a note, Aris performed, Lydia and Dtrix did not. Dtrix was the judge who commented them and told them that they formed a brotherhood on this show and he misses them so so much. He even began to get glossy eyed, and I didn't expect anything less from his critique. Now back to the performance. They performed to Party Rock Anthem (Which most of you know they were a part of the music video) They had their Quest style dance with Steve's flips, Ryan's back drop, etc. And of course to complement the song they had a shuffling section! They ended with a pillow fight which got the entire stage messy and had pillow fluff flying everywhere :P

We Are Heroes- They came with a sexy sass tonight, from their outfits to their performance...Rihanna S&M esque. They began with Hiro in the middle and the other 4 members in ropes.  After the dismount they went into some nice isolations and did a little 2 vs 3 iso body battle. After two members went around the stage doing back flips and landed in splits which made the crowd go crazy (The guys especially) The ended with none other than whips haha in which they ended with that *SMACK* to the ass. (While they were prepping the stage for WaH to get on the ropes they were playing music and WaH kept the sexy groove on, i don't know how many guys I heard in the audiences yelling during there freestyles haha)

Super Cr3w - They started with Ninjas and came back as Ninjas. Holy cow this performance was explosive. They brought Bboying to the max tonight. I had a hard time keeping up cuz everything was moving so fast! They started from the audience and exploded onto the stage. One of the biggest highlights of the performance was when one of the members went into the hands of the others and was launched into the air in which he did two back tucks before landing. I couldn't even register  what happend after that. The performance ended with a cloud of smoke in the middle of the stage and Super Cr3w disappearing(a trap door opened and they fell through)

Jabbwockeez - Holy crap the crowd went EXTREME with this performance. Every West coast crew from this season, Electic Gentlemen, Jag6ed, Instant Noodles, and Street Kingdom, performed with Jabba in Jabbawockeez masks and uniforms. I couldn't tell which crew came out first but there were crews in the stands and behind the stands while some performed on the stage, then they all came out together and performed. Tight Eyez had a krumping solo in the middle of the stage, and then out of nowhere a small Jabbawockee was pulled out from under a prop. At first I thought it was Bboy Jalen but turned out it was a little Asian girl, I don't know who she is and I couldn't make out the name cuz there was tooo much cheering going on. Its the loudest ive ever heard in the place.  It was just an amazing performance from all the crews.

The entire YouTube Fam was there tonight: Ryan Higa, JRA, Chester See, David Choi, and Dtrix wore his YTF jacket as well. Brian Puspos and Pat Lam made a guest appearance in the audience...And to answer you guys' questions. IaMmE looked really anxious all night, when they filmed both crews winning they didn't say who was getting called first. When IaMmE got called their reaction was REAL. It wasn't fake they really let it out like they really won. ICONic Boyz on the other hand, you can tell they faked their reaction. 

Also some highlights of my night: 
Chachi and IaMmE were sitting across the way, I was by the stairs and kept holding up the picture i drew of her. She saw it and got up and came to me! I handed it her and she said "Wow!" and gave me a hug :] Omg never gonna forget that  

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