Saturday, June 11, 2011

Zekeish's Review of ABDC's Finale

Now for my grading scale, I’m not a big numbers fan, so I have decided to do this review with words serving as my ratings. My scale is as follows
OH MY TITS= A perfect performance. Their transitions were on point, their choreography was squeaky clean, and they had wow moments that made you want to disrespect the nearest replay button. Basically the performance that makes a season
FANTABULOUS= Close to a perfect performance. There was just one thing that kept them from being perfection incarnated.
FREAK A LEAK= A great performance. Definitely an eye catcher, but had some problems with some aspects of their performance
GOODISH= A good performance. Had some noticeable problems but still had an overall solid performance that has rewatchablitly
MEH= An okay performance, nothing outside the ordinary. Had some glaring problems or provided no real wow factor.
INCREDIBLY MEDIOCRE= A very average performance. Worse than okay, but good enough to where I could sit through the performance, Barely.
WELL, THAT SUCKED= A less than average performance, nothing really went right here. Had some concepts that could have been executed better, but nothing really made you like the performance. You wanted to find the nearest dark place and hide there until the performance is over. And maybe binge eat your feelings. Whatever floats your suck fest boat.
ID RATHER WATCH A JUSTIN BIEBER CONCERT= A horrible performance. You’d rather be subjected to Bieber and thousands of 11 year old girls screaming in your ear… Like seriously, the crew might as well incorporate taking a dump on the stage into their choreo.
So let’s get right into it…
(By the way, you might be wondering why I'm not reviewing the battle episode. It’s because, like season 4, I am trying to forget it existed)

*Group Performance* I'm not going to go in-depth with this, mainly because I don’t like group performances to begin with, but this one was boring. Didn’t really show anything crazy or new. The best group performance of the season was ALL the way back in week 1 with the Lil Wayne episode. But, that’s about all for the group performance, As Jay-Z would say, On to the next one.
-POREOTICS/POREOTIX- Is it just me or do they always troll the hell out of ABDC every chance they get. Anyway, I wasn’t overly excited to see what Poreotics was going to do on the ABDC stage, mainly because they have been so busy doing tours and what not, I didn’t think they would come with a brand new routine. But they did, and it included dancing to “Friday” by Rebecca Black. They started off pretty slow, doing some basic popping choreo paired with a dubstep track. Things pick up a bit after a voice over goes “WE STILL HAVE DA SMALL EYE”. They do an interesting waving visual (If you have been watching them recently, you have seen this move a lot) subsequently followed by a well framed gainer and a changing tempo backspin. They got right back into some chain reaction robotic choreo then topped that off with a duet sectioned that enhanced the routine a lot. The paired up, one behind the other, and made shapes with their arms to the “Pop” of the music behind them. Each shape giving a new and interesting visual. Meanwhile, the end pairs were moving downward as the middle pair was moving upward. At this point, it’s a good performance, but like 3/4ths of the routines they did on ABDC, it’s not really exciting me at all. Anyway, this part of the performance was hilarious, mainly because who knew they could put choreo to the song Friday. Out of all the songs. But they did, and it wasn’t bad at all (much better than the song itself I assure you). This time, their visuals matched the lyrics to the song. When the song said “go downstairs”, they had a visual where Cam, Went down stairs. Another thing I kind of noticed, maybe I'm looking too much into this, but I think Poreotics gave Instant Noodles a shout out during their “eating cereal” section. The bottom 4 guys do the Instant Noodles hand gesture during that part. But after that, they go into their supposed funny moment, by anal sexing their crew members. Dumbo sexes up Law, and Dumbo then receives the sexing from Jet Li. All the while Cam is putting a Jason mask and coat on. He then murders 2 of the members, kicks the 3rd one in the leg and spares the last two (Jason would never do that, how dare they). But they end on some beer pong action and I feel like I'm left wanting a bit more. I have seen them do a 6 minute or longer set where I was excited for all of those 6 minutes. This performance was not exciting at all, mainly because it had no real flow to it. It felt much spaced out and no one moment really excited me at all. I know they can do better, and they will continue to kill the stage outside of ABDC. But overall.  I DUB THEE… GOODISH
-WE ARE HEROES- I (As most ABDC watchers) feel that season 4 was the worst season to date. We Are Heroes won that season, and compared to the other winners, they haven’t done much with the title of ABDC. Don’t get me wrong, they are a good crew, but the finale night showed some of their major flaws. They started with a bang. They were fire on those ropes, and the starting splits and the flips were well placed and a great start to the routine. They got down off the ropes, did some “diva” walking that looked more awkward than it should have, and got right into a whacking/locking section. This was a good section followed by a sexy section, the sexy section didn’t do much for the routine but it was there. They capped that sexy section off with I nice visual though (of course, using their hair (They seem to like to do that a lot)) Now, remember me saying that this routine showed some of their major flaws? Well here we go. This whole next section was one of the worst sections from a past champion ever. Harsh, I know. But it’s true. They got to the dubstep section of the track and did nothing with it. It was tailor made for one of their tutting/whacking visual pieces, but they did some sloppy body roll popping thing. This part completely ruined the flow of the routine and somewhat diminished what they had already done. They then did some posing and standing around. This is what really killed the routine, the posing/standing. There was a good 7 second section where they did basically nothing. They pointed at each other and stood there. It was all filler for what was to come (and if you have read my reviews in the past, you know I hate non purposeful filler choreography). They tried to pick the pace back up by some more sexy moves to get ready for their finale moment. This performance was saved solely because of the ending. The ending featured two members doing backflips in a circle around the other three members who were gliding in a similar circle. The two girls that were flipping then top this incredible moment off with some splits. This was a fantastic moment, and saved their performance. We Are Heroes is a great crew, but their flaws are so noticeable that it takes away from them as a whole. They need to make sure that the whole standing/posing section that they did in this routine never EVER happens again. THUSLY… I DUB THEE… MEH
-QUEST CREW- Last year’s Champions for Charity performance was one of the best performances of all time. But, I would be lying to you if I told you that D-trix not being in Quest anymore hasn’t affected my view towards them. I hoped that they would still deliver an awesome performance, and they kind of did. To be honest though, I really didn’t understand the theme of their performance. The whole sleepover thing didn’t make sense. The song is party rock, ya know? “Evurryy BODy just have a good time! I wanna SEE you SHAKE THAT!”. It’s a pump up, let’s go out and get wasted during our party and wake up to find ourselves next to someone we don’t know type of song. Not a, let’s have a sleepover and pillow fight each other. 

The way they started the routine played into the sleepover story. They did this on time SNAP when they were on their backs, and Ryan and Steve got up and hit two other members with pillows. They then went into a series of flips and freezes until one of the members went into this weird frog-freeze looking thing and started hopping forward on beat, he then flipped himself out of the frog impersonation, did another flip into some cheater splits. That whole little frogger section was great, and showed their crazy athleticism right from the get go. Hok and Ryan did some back rolls into the next section. Ryan was late on those rolls or Hok was early, either way, they got off timing a bit. They did a pillow transition along with some partner side flips and got right into their best moment of their routine. The TERADA FLIP! He did a round off back handspring to a leg grab THEN did a 360 degree twist still in midair. I couldn’t believe someone (Besides a professional gymnast) could do anything like that. Maybe Steve is a ninja, or a ninja-dancing-gymnast. Who knows? All I know is that was awesome. 

Back to the performance now, the rest of it was just okay. It wasn’t anything to go crazy about. They did their shuffling choreography featured in the LMFAO video which was good filler until they got to that chain reaction foot N leg move. That move was well executed and well framed. This next part I really didn’t care for too much. After the chain reaction part there was a really big lead up to Ryan’s solo move, which wasn’t as impressive as it could have been. After seeing Exclusive’s back drop suicide move, Ryan’s really wasn’t that impressive anymore. The problem was you could tell what was coming the whole way. It was either the half flip to no hands headstand move, or the back drop featured in the video. They chose the backdrop. They then did some jumping filler choreography and Steve randomly stopped jumping up and down and just stood there waiting to do his 2nd solo trick of the night. Both of these moves surprised me because normally Quest has excellent framing and blocking. These two moves featured none of that, and they weren’t the most impressive moves I have ever seen either, so it didn’t really do much for their performance. Their ending was okay as well. They spun around to their spots and went back to sleep. Performance over. The craziest part about their performance was having Dtrix judge it. You could tell he was almost crying already, and he had to muster up the man-courage to speak his mind about the performance. I know exactly how he feels though. Even though my situation is completely different and probably a lot more serious than his, I know the type of feeling he had watching the crew he had done so much with for years perform right in front of him. Anyway, with room for improvement…I DUB THEE… FREAK A LEAK
-SUPER CREW-I have never been a huge fan of Super Crew, it’s not that I don’t like them; it’s more along the lines of “I liked Fanny Pak and Supreme Soul more and you eliminated both of them. *Angry face*”, and last year’s Champions for Charity performance wasn’t that good. To sum things up, I wasn’t expecting much. 

They started out running on the stage like ninjas (maybe because they were dressed like ninjas) and got straight into a Bboy solo while the other members behind them were setting up for some sort of a throw move. The solo was good, but what followed was amazing. The double backflip throw. The ninja that got thrown did a DOUBLE BACKFLIP into the other members. The other members didn’t even need to be there, he would have landed it perfectly anyway (I do get the reason they were there. Over-rotating a double back could prove to be fatal). That trick was incredible impressive, and gave the start of their routine a huge bang. Right after that trick, they exploded outwards and made room for another trick solo. They then grouped together and did one of those “LOOK over there!” moves towards another member, that member did a trick, and then slid back into the formation as another member on the opposite side slid out in a head freeze. Again, well framed but nothing I haven’t seen before. After this they had six members in a formation while their seventh member just sat behind them, chilling there. Those six members then did some level choreography, three members doing some floorwork while the other three members standing up did some choreo. They then partnered up together and three members did a one handed freeze while the other three went underneath their legs. This would have been a much better moment if the duo on the right didn’t mess this part up. The guy that went underneath the freeze slipped and didn’t get out in time, making the guy doing the freeze mess up on the landing.
They recovered well, and went right into the next section. Remember that guy who was just chilling in the back? He kept chilling throughout the entire thing and got back in line when they got into that floorwork circle formation. I thought they would at least give him a trick solo or something, but nope, he just chilled there, although, the circle formation floorwork was a good visual. The next part was a bit disappointing though. They got up off the ground with a solo freeze from one of their members, and then went into some corny ninja poses. After this (and this is the most disappointing part) 6 of the members get on all fours and lets the last member run across them. Why was that disappointing? Because they could have had a flip or some sort of trick off of those other guys backs. It wouldn’t have been too hard for them to do that. I was let down by that whole part. After that section, they got back into some solos. The guy who had just ran across the others backs got down and did a baby to a double baby while the others posed behind him. The double baby was great, and it once again showed how good they are individually. 

After that small solo section, they went into yet another solo section where the 6 members who were just in the middle went out on to the end of the stage and threw up their super crew sign while a member in the middle did some flares to air flares to a backflip to a freeze. The member who just did that solo called his fellow ninjas and went back to the center for them to “disappear” (and by disappear I mean to fall through a trap door, which was easily seen). This performance was okay. It had some amazing moments but nothing really with substance. Thus the reason I'm not a huge fan of theirs, between their amazing moments, they don’t really have much, which bothers me more so than if a crew had great choreography but not so good tricks. Anyway I DUB THEE… GOODISH
-JABBAWOCKEEZ-The OG champs of America's Best Dance Crew return to the stage once more. Last time the champion got together, JabbawockeeZ had a less than spectacular performance, this time, they had easily the best of the night.  They included every west coast crew in this performance to add some more “awesome” to their routine and even included a KRUMP SOLO from none other than Tight Eyez himself. It even featured a LITTLE KID JABBAWOCKEE! That little girl's 20 seconds of dancing murdered Iconic Boyz’ whole season, seriously.

Anyway, The JabbawockeeZ started with a Jabba-Army using all of the west coast crews this season. They marched down the steps, one after the other, to form 4 rows of 5. They did some “In N out” choreography and went straight into some slow-mo walking effect. Even though it was simple, this was an incredible way to use all of those people. They sped back up and spread out to reveal none other than TIGHT EYEZ doing his awesome krump solo. Tight eyez’ style always intrigues me. Something about the way he Krumps always catches my eye. After Tight Eyez’ solo, he threw down the Street Kingdom sign and walked (Along with the rest of the Non-wockeez) to the back of the stage. Although, they had Tight Eyez stay on the stage to move and subsequently stand by the boom box thru ought the entire performance (He was the one that opened to door to reveal the kid inside the giant boom box).  

Anyway, when the actual-wockeeZ were revealed to be the ones left on the stage, the crowd (and myself) went NUTZ! They started by turning around and doing a bobble head type move, then went straight into some sort of flip, moving, purposefully sloppy yet visually stunning chain reaction series of events. It’s really the only way to describe it. They then had one of the members grab a smaller boom box from the front of the stage and act like he turned to music off. The rest of the JabbawockeeZ froze on that cue. Another stunning visual from them. When the music picked back up they flung a guy over the head of another. That guy went and grabbed the guy who was until that point the “Boom box master” and they went right back into a line formation. What they did next I'm not even going to attempt to explain thoroughly. Basically, they did some crazy sequence of events that included spinning and waving and chain reaction stuff, it was incredible. I honestly stood up out of my seat and stared at the TV screen like “People cannot do that, you are lying”. But TV’s don’t lie, so I had to accept that my brain was melting. Anyway, After that whole section (Including the waving and them getting back in the line and bursting out at different levels), they had one member do a sort of stomp/pop solo, and after a couple of stomps, the rest of the crew joined right back in. They then did some more (yet completely different) chain reaction stuff and went to their HUGE reveal. The camera panned to the boom box (which tight eyez opened) and revealed a babywockee. This young girl killed the stage with her popping ability. It wasn’t the fact that she was incredibly tiny that made it awesome, she was legitimately good at popping (take notes Iconic Boyz). During her solo, the rest of the Jabba-army got back up on the stage and they ended with the regular (and baby) JabbawockeeZ standing there while the rest of the army, who are circled around the stage give a salute. This was honestly one of the best things I have ever seen. I even went to see their Mus.I.C performance in Las Vegas, and that blew my mind. This right here blew my mind even more, and contributed to my love for them. Call me a fanboi or whatever, but I love the JabbawockeeZ, and it’s because they put together amazing performances by turning small details into major events. No one else is like them, and thank god they are around in our lifetime so we can see their greatness over and over again. Thusly… I DUB THEE… OH MY JESUS LIGHTNING TITS minus 2 tits for bias. FINAL DUB… OH MY TITS
*I'm not going to be very thorough with the last performances of Iconic Boyz and I.aM.mE. Mainly because they are both very burnt out by now that they couldn’t have put together anything spectacular in that amount of time. I will grade them though.

-IAMME-Very nice visual performance. They really put their mark on the show and made the final statement that said “HEY! We win”. It’s nice that they got a decent song to dance to as well. I remember Moon stating in an interview that he would like to dance to Far East Movement, so he got his wish. *Highlights- Super Mario visual, starting jet back visual and floorwork section*

-ICONIC BOYZ- Meh. Nothing really special, as always. I love the fail flare that one kid tried. That was nowhere near a flare. They also tried their go at tutting in the beginning. It was okay, nothing really great. They weren’t clean and had no WOW moment.
*Highlights- None* I DUB THEE… WOW, THAT SUCKED
1) We Are Heroes Circle Backflips
2) Quest Crew’s Steve Terada Flip
3) Super Crew’s Double Backflip and Double Baby’s
4) JabbawockeeZ Whole Performance

I liked this season a lot. It had great crews, even better performances from those crews, and even though the voting was horrible, the right crew still won in the end. Hopefully season 7 can come out and provide the same type of BANG that this season did. I want to see a lot more from Phunk Phenomenon, Street Kingdom, Instant Noodles and of course IaMmE in the future, and I hope all the crews from this season go on to do great things. Who knows, you might see a crew from Columbus Ohio on there sooner or later. =P

Thanks to all my readers for reading, and thank you to Nancy who posted all of my reviews. Shout out to all of the other reviewers and my bestie Maxxann (Just cause).  BBDC is the best! I hope to see you all next season.

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