Friday, January 16, 2009

Backstage with the Crews, an exclusive report

Continuing with the report:

Nearby, we approached a group of rehearsing guys for an introduction: "We are the Striker All Stars from Tallahassee, Florida. We are coming with a down South flavor that includes stepping, hip hop and anything else you throw at us." When asked what sets them apart, they told me, "well, first of all there hasn't been a stepping aspect that's been introduced to the show, but more importantly, we think that all the other things we're adding with stepping -- our appearance, our themes, our creativity -- it's just gonna be over the top for anyone to compete with."
Right across was another crew from the South, and one that I'm sure many of you have never heard of. Consisting of members from Georgia and Alabama, Dynamic Edition will showcase something never seen on ABDC: Clogging. The crew explained clogging as "a mixture between tap and Irish step dancing. It's a big melting pot of tap dances.We have hip hop and jazz incorporated into it as well." When asked they they are bringing this year that's different apart from their style, they replied, "Of course our clogging is totally different from anything everyone else does,but we also offer tight precision. We are completely together on everything and we hope that's going to help us go a long way in this competition."

Toward the end of the crew space, we encounter yet another new and different crew, the Ringmasters from Brooklyn. Their style is flex dancing. "It's gliding, popping,pausing, hat tricks, everything -- punch lines, bone breaks, it's crazy. We are bringing what hasn't been seen" As the only group from the East Coast,they are here to represent. I asked them what they'd do with the prize money and they affirmed, "It's really not about the money, it's about getting our style here. We've got a lot to prove. By being here, we feel like we won. So, by winning, it's gonna make it even better."

Another surprise was running into the familiar faces from last season: Team Millennia. Their wardrobe choices said a lot. "If we were going to come back this season and approach it differently than we did last season, we might as well go all out. We had a lot of aggressive feelings from last season, not making it, being eliminated, so we decided to portray it and what better way than rockers, aggressive." As to their style: "We don't really have our own particular style. We like to keep our options open, buy most people say we do a lot of intricate,isolating type movement. We just dance, we like to groove too." What makes them different: "We have a theme. We have a show. We're not just dancing. We have the whole production going on. You'll see more than just'll see character,you'll see personality, you'll see everything. We're just trying to keep the judges and the audience entertained. That's our goal."

Thanks for this in-depth view of the crews!

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