Thursday, January 15, 2009

Field Report from the ABDC Tapings: Shane Sparks, Randy Jackson, Mario Lopez, Layla Kayleigh

More  coverage of the America's Best Dance Crew Tapings:

The show's host Mario Lopez was on hand to express his opinion on the new crop: "I think the crews are very different from seasons past. We got everything from cloggers, contortionists, girl break dancers...and a lot of stories and backgrounds are different. We went to cities we hadn't gone to. These kids are really passionate. Every season it has stepped up."

MTV host Layla Kayleigh spared a few minutes to tell me that "There's a lot more versatility. It's like we've got cloggers that dance to hip hop music, we've got an all-guy group from Puerto Rico, we've got Miami Heat dancers. There's just a lot of different styles,so it's gonna be interesting who America favors."

Finally, the man himself, the producer, and the brains behind the operation -- Randy Jackson -- joined his judges and hosts in sharing his thoughts about ABDC at this point in time. "There's a lot of new dance styles I didn't know were going to happen. This show just gets fresher and fresher over amazes me every time. It's just gonna be a lot of fun."

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