Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Field Report from VIBE XIV, including ABDC Crew news

More of Beverly, Angela, and Ashley's report on VIBE XIV:

Every year Lambda Theta Delta hosts, VIBE, one of the largest hip-hop dancing competitions on the West Coast. Held at the Brens Event Center at UC Irvine, VIBE brings together street and collegiate dance teams from all over California. Out of about 40 teams that apply and send in videos, ten teams are chosen to compete, handpicked based on consistency, recent improvements, and entertainment value. An additional three pre-show teams and nine exhibition teams perform throughout the event as well, allowing aspiring dancers to showcase their talent and hard work.

Members from JabbaWockeeZ, Kaba Modern, Team Millennia, Boxcuttuhz, Beat Freaks, and Quest Crew all have competed in VIBE. This year, Yuri, Tony, and Mike from Kaba Modern danced for KM Legacy, which is the dance team for the KM alumni, while Mike also danced on the Kallusive team directed by Arnel Calvario, the current president of Culture Shock LA and the founder of Kaba Modern. Among the crowd, we also spotted Ben Chung from JabbaWockeeZ, CJ "Pharside" Jennings from Supreme Sould, Rocko Luciano and Brian "Bam" Martin from Boxcuttuhz.

When asked if he was following the current season of ABDC, Arnel told us, "We're rooting for Quest and Beat Freaks. They're really good friends of ours...the first season was interesting because JabbaWockeeZ are actually our close friends. So every season we were so fortunate because there are so many dance crews from our dance community here in Southern California, who have danced together, performed together and choreographed together. And now we can really come together and support each other on the show...We're really grateful for all the opportunities that have come since the show." All the dance teams know each other and have friend on different teams on the current season of ABDC. Many of the dancers we talked to were cheering for Quest Crew, Beat Freaks, and Boxcuttuhz. In fact, Mike Song from KM revealed that two of his roommates are dancing for Quest Crew.

We watched Kallusive Dance Crew practice for their performance when Mike slowly glided to the center for his part. He kept an expressionless face as he popped his chest and moved like a robot, isolating each individual part of his body. We also had the opportunity for an exclusive interview with Mike behind the scenes. Asked about what life was like on ABDC, he answered, 'It was crazy, was life just...completely shifted my life path in another way that I didn't think was possible. I totally thought I was going to get a normal job and quit dancing and then the show happened and it completedly rerouted my future plans and what I felt like I was going to do with my life. In a nutshell, it changed my life...Basically, the show made it possible for dance to be my career for now...It's been really cool and just a blessing...only as a result from the show."

To all you aspiring dancers out there, Lawrence from Kaba Modern said, "Keep open and humble about what you're trying to do and you'll get there." "Practice! Patience" Tony added. Similarly Bam from Boxcuttuhz encouraged, "Don't give up! what ever happens, keep your head up...Stay hungry, stay hungry!"

As for us, we'll be staying hungry for the next episode of ABDC and other opportunities for us to get more inside scoops on ABDC!

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