Thursday, January 14, 2010

Review: "B-girl the Movie" - Buy It

Here's the rest of my review of 'B-Girl the Movie':

This modern-day odyssey is compelling because 'B-Girl' feels far more realistic than most bigger-budget dance movies.   The dancers are obsessive in their training and have the injuries to show it. Nobody just 'picks it up'; dancing is hard and the movie shows it.   For the characters, dancing is the means to cope with emotional and social problems that are not going to be fully resolved at the end of the movie. 

Beat Freaks Lady Jules plays Angel, a B-girl who has to move from Brooklyn to Los Angeles after she and a friend are knifed at a dance club. She must overcome a physical injury that might limit her dance abilities, experience fear and rejection in a new city, and  cope with guilt and frustration over the loss of her relatively idyllic past life.  Jules and most of the cast keep the story believable and relatable. 

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