Saturday, January 30, 2010

View from the Pressbox: Chris Trondsen's report on backstage at the Southern audition taping

Here's the rest of Chris Trondsen's report on the backstage scene at the ABDC Southern audition taping. Thanks Chris!

When Glenda, Sharon (our camera person) and I arrived on set, there was a packed house as we walked past the stage to the back to the press room.  Half the press room was occupied by a photographer and a backdrop for taking pictures of Omarion.  The photoshoot lasted a good 30 minutes as Omarion switched up different poses to get a variety of shots.

Afterwards, we went back stage to the where all the crews were being held.  One thing I have to say about the South is they had more energy then any other crews I have every seen on the show.  They all told us how excited they were that they felt they finally were going to have an equal chance to get represented on the show because this time there would be an even amount of crews from the South as the rest of the country.  The girls of X-treme Motion and Jungle Boogie were probably the most hype, just so happy to be there and they were ready.  In Jungle Boogie, one of the members is a HUGE Fanny Pak fan and fell to the ground when he saw Glenda and was so happy to talk to her!

Despite their names, Swagger Crew is not cocky at all.  They were so down to Earth and fun to talk to. Royal Flush is so diverse and a member told us that he had seen the interviews on all last season and it was just so surreal to be there and be interviewed for the site. Unfortunately, we did not get to speak to Ghost at all because they chose not to do interviews after they were sent home.  They are actually friends with the girls of We Are Heroes. Riquel from We Are Heroes told us that many of the members of Ghost were sick and that they felt they couldn’t dance to their full potential and that was also a reason they didn’t want to do interviews after the show.

After the pre-taping interviews, we went back to the press room to watch the show.  Lil’ Mama and Omarion were hanging out with us and wee real tight.  They were talking the whole time until they were needed on the set.  Omarion also had a pair of headphones on in the back and was listening to music saying that it was getting him hype so he would be ready when the show started.  His manager (and director of some of his music videos as well as You Got Served) Chris Stokes was also in the press room to support.

After the show, The girls of X-treme Motion were pretty down and ended up only doing one interview before leaving backstage.  The other crews were hugging and consoling them before they left.  These crews have been together for a week now for long hours and really became  a family.

One thing missing was any mention of Shane Sparks.  It was as if he never was even on the show.  No mention or clips or any explanation at all. I understand why they did it though, but it just seemed weird. 

Next week comes the East Coast.  I was fortunate enough to interview Steve Bolton last night, the choreographer and director for the crew Blueprint who is one of the crews that will be featured on the show, and they are so excited to be the first crew to represent a different country.  They just got here on Wednesday and are ready for the taping next week!  They have been given so much hype from anyone who saw their tryout including Shane Sparks who called them a favorite to win!

So make sure you watch next week to see if all the buzz and Shane Spark’s prediction  is correct as well as the other crews from the East Coast who are here to represent and fight it out to be one of the 3 East Coast teams to make it on the actual show!

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