Friday, January 1, 2010

Spotlight on LA ABDC5 Auditioners - Part 4

Here's more on the Los Angeles auditioning crews for America's Best Dance Crew Season 5:
  • The Waackers from Los Angeles integrate waacking (related to the dance style “Posing” and derived from the 1970s disco movement of the underground gay club scene) with hip hop, popping, locking, house, jazz, and other styles. Learn more about this crew at and at TheWaackers Youtube Channel. Here's a performance at the Choreographers Carnival:

  • Tripl3 Threat from Sacramento, California also auditioned for ABDC Season 4.   Click here for our interview with the crew at the ABDC 5 auditions. They recently battled E3 (a crew that auditioned for ABDC5 in New York) on BET (Tripl3 Threat's performance starts at 3:43). You can watch more at Tripl3ThreatTV, including their performance at Ken-ya Dance 2009:

  •  Xposed Dance is a girl group from Sacramento, CA. You can watch their work at XPosedDanceCo Youtube Channel, including this performance at Step Up 09.
  • Z-train from Eugene, Oregon is part of a larger crew called Zapp that has been performing for 20 years. Z-Train made its debut at Hip Hop International in 2009. For their ABDC5 audition they did a medley that included hip-hop and swing/lindy-hop choreography. Thanks for the info, Eddie! .

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