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Ninjaboi's review & ratings of ABDC5's Southern audition show

Here's Ninjaboi's detailed review:

Jungle Boogies:
Intricacy/Choreography/Togetherness: 7 – At the start, they were all together, but as their energy caught up with them, it caused them to get a little out of sync. Still, the choreography was definitely unique (with their cranking style), and present.
Wow factor/Tricks: 8 – That WWE move was pretty sick, as was some bouncing in the beginning and flips and rolling at the end.  But as Omarion said, keep the tricks clean.
Showmanship: 7 - Crazy energy levels, good use of the stage and formation changes.  Animal tie in could be a nice trademark, though use a different animal each time. Also, good job at spotlighting most members of the crew.
Other notes:  I love how they’re using an animal theme.  Some may disagree, but I think it adds character.  So long as they do that without losing the choreography, then it’s all good, makes for a fun show to watch.  I also think their energy levels are actually hurting them somewhat – if they were to touch it down just a notch, so that it’s not noticeable, but that they have more control of themselves, it would help.  Watching the interviews, their slightly crazy personalities make them real likable.
Total: 22

Intricacy/Choreo/Togetherness: 9 – These were some seriously nice isolations and levels.  Maybe not at the level of Kaba Modern, but clearly this is their specialty.  At the start though, I saw a bit of difference between people on the opposite sides during tutting/isolations, which ruined the effect a bit.
Wow/Tricks: 5 -This is what got them I believe.  Looking at the best crews, they can do both.  Maybe in differing degrees, but they have most.  Thinking ahead to the more athletic challenges, you’ll need to use tricks sooner or later.
Showmanship: 6 – The dramatic dance style with their creepy eyes went well together.  However, their relative lack of use of the stage (sticking more or less in one spot, with little variation between formations).  The insane lack of energy, while somewhat helpful for this creepy drama style, still made them seem like they lacked passion.  Plus, it seemed like LT was doing most of the heavy dancing.
Other notes: Looking at interviews, they seem to be hung up too much on the past.  Sure, it’s part of who they are, but don’t let it define them.  They seemed, at the same time, too self-pitying, and confident to the point of cocky in that they think that their sob story would be enough to get them through, using it as a crutch.  They also seemed to be… somewhat antisocial with the other crews, which MTV wouldn’t like, since they want to show these crews having fun between themselves.  Plus, they also seem to be less hyped about things than the others.
Total: 20

Xtreme Motion
Choreo/Intricate/Together: 6 - Aside from their signature move, bucking, the choreography was somewhat lackluster in difficulty.
Wow/Tricks: 5 – They had some decent ones due to the cheerleader background, but others tended to be unimpressive compared to stuff we’ve seen before
Showmanship – 6 High energy, yes.  Using the stage, yes.  But aside from that, it seemed like a showcase of their bucking more than a competitive set.  Also, it seemed like everyone was doing more or less the same thing, where in other crews some individuals would have some solo time.
Other notes:  From the other interviews – very, very, very hyper, on the point of ditzy.  I appreciate the energy and the attitude.  But from MTV’s view, we’ve had cheerleader crews in Fly Khicks, unique booty shaking moves with Live In Color, so keeping them wouldn’t make sense.
Total: 17

Swagger Crew (ON DECK!)
Choreo/Intricate/Together: 8 – Wow.  From the grooving to the tutting and isos to the comedy, you really showed up what the ATL has to offer.
Wow/Tricks: 8 – The ending was hilarious, some flips were good, as was the musicality.
Showmanship: 8 – Energy was there, but not uncontrollable.  Stage use was decent, facial expressions were priceless (especially the ending).  Nice highlighting of individuals, formations were a bit similar, but constantly changing.  Definitely experienced showmen
Other notes:  From the interviews, they say they’re not cocky.  And I recognize the distinction between cocky and confident.  But I hope for their sake that their swagger doesn’t make them seem so to the rest of America.  But they delivered to the Hype they got pre-season.  Definitely a professional crew right here to watch for, they’ve got a lot up their sleeves, and I suspect that there’s even more styles we haven’t seen yet.
Total: 24

Royal Flush
Choreo/Intricate/Together: 6 – Their choreography definitely was there, a bit limited compared to the tricks they did, but was alright.
Wow/Tricks: 9 – This is their forte.  Where Ghost was an intricate crew, they tend to do more stunts, though not at the sacrifice of what choreography they had.
Showmanship:  7 - They were the only one to use a prop: It was alright, not great, took away from time they could have been dancing (which in a minute long performance is pretty significant.)  They got energy and an attitude (not in a bad way) to match.  Caused them to at some points lose control, but they used the stage well, highlighted their members (though the girl could have done more…)
Other notes:  They definitely got an amiable personality.  Makes you really want them to make it.  They don’t seem to assume that they deserve it without hard work, and they respect everyone else.  I’d say keep the cards, but do a better trick with it.  Perhaps… a We Fly High “Ballin’!” moment starting a 52 pickup.  By the way, I dig the goggles on the bandana.  Props for making Lil Mama speechless.  They got the drive within them for sure.
Total: 22

DANCE OFF:  Going into this, Swagger Crew definitely had a safe spot.  I’d say Jungle Boogies was a good choice to make, just because between them and Royal Flush, they were a tad bit more contained (even with their crazy energy).  Some are saying Ghost was cheated – however, from what I saw, sure they wanted to win it and probably really had the passion.  But their stone cold emotionless personas didn’t show this, which made them slighty iffy as a pick.  Plus, this was their chance to make up for their lack of trick-type moves, since those are what wins dance-offs.

Xtreme Motion – Alas ladies, you made the same mistake as earlier, essentially showcasing bucking sandwiched (lol) between some decent, not great choreography.  Ending was also a bit weak, leaving a weak last impression.
Royal Flush – They killed it.  They had choreography, a bit of comedy (sort of), and some of the nicest tricks of the evening in this set.  Nice bboy partner work and hat catching.
Ghost – It’s clear they prefer slower songs – this fast song forced them into a persona that was different from their serious selves, which was somewhat disconcerting.  To be honest, it reminded me of Fr3sh’s dance-off last season – some cheesy choreography, but not enough to leave a lasting impression in the judge’s minds.  I mean, carrying someone by the armpits?  Also, weak ending.

In the end, I think the judges got things right.  Two safe crews were Swagger Crew and either Jungle Boogies or Royal Flush, with the other winning the challenge.

For the nationals, watch for the following:
Swagger Crew to remain a front runner.
Royal Flush to have more choreography, the girl to pose less, and a better card trick
Jungle Boogies to use a new animal theme

Power Rankings:
1)Swagger Crew – They got the swag and they’re ON DECK! The only thing they may need to work on is potentially some more athletic moves
2)Royal Flush – With their expertise battle skills, and their willingness to learn from critiques, they have potential
3)Jungle Boogies – Only marginally behind the others, they have a unique theme to themselves, which hopefully won’t get old and go extinct.

Also, it being Omarion’s first night warrants an evaluation of him – Overall, I think he’s going to be a great judge. He’s honest with what he wants, and also precise with what he wants to say.  JC’s okay as well.  Unfortunately, we don’t get to see more of Hok as a judge.  And Lil Mama’s still here. 

Looking forward to the next episode, where the East Coast takes a turn.  Watch for Blueprint, the Canadian team, the unique Static Noyse, the hoppy (bad pun) Saltare, and the return of E-Knock! 

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