Thursday, February 4, 2010

Preview from the Pressbox - Chris Trondsen on the East Coast audition taping

Here's the rest of Chris Trondsen's report: 

When we got into the press room, Lauren Sanchez from Extra was there (Mario Lopez’s co-host on the weekend edition) to cover the show for Extra.  She interviewed Lil’ Mama first about the show and her music and then a couple from the show “The Bachelorette” was there as well to enjoy the show and she interviewed them.

Omarion came back stage and we got to interview him as well as Layla Keighleigh, who is not on the show until the start when the 9 crews are announced, but is a fan so came to enjoy it. Also in press was Marques Houston of Immature/IMx, played Roger on “Sister,Sister” and was in the dance movie, “You Got Served.”  He was there to support Omarion and see good dancing and interviewed with us.  Omarion and Marques Houston share a manager, Chris Stokes who was backstage as well as Marques’ group mate Romeo from Immature/IMx.

When we got back stage to interview the crews, it was a different energy then the South.  The South was so hype and had energy I’ve never seen, but the East was more reserved and professional and just ready to go.  We got to interview all the crews and they all wanted to talk about who they are and what there crew represents [Note from Nancy: because of equipment problems, we will only be able to post a few of the interviews].

While watching the show, it was a different level of dancing than the South.  This week 4 of the 5 crews were all on the same level in my opinion and it was a hard decision.

There is one crew that I think most people were anxious to see because of how different they are and when they performed Marques Houston, Chris Stokes, and Romeo, who were sitting right next to us, were all in shock and said it was the best thing they have ever seen on the show.  They had not seen something like that ever, and this is coming from people who have been in this industry for years and seen some of the best.

There is one crew that gets compared to Fanny Pak.  And the comparison is a legit one.  They bring something I haven’t seen since Fanny Pak hit the stage season 2 and what’s crazy is 5 of the Fanny Pak members were there: Meg, Matt, Glenda, Beau, and Cara and they were rooting for this crew.  They said that this crew did remind them of themselves and they really want to see them on the show.  They were backstage while this crew performed and they were all in front of the plasma TV backstage in the Press Room rooting for them when the judges were about to announce what crews they were going to keep before the battle.

You will see one crew dance like they are one unit.  They are so clean and it’s ass if they all share a brain.  It seems like they never mess up.

The judges picked the right two crews to go through.  Everyone in press called it.  So, it came down to the battle.  One crew just didn’t belong and got sent home.  Not that they aren’t good dancers, but compared to these other 4 solid crews, they weren’t to their level yet. 

When it came down to the two other crews, it was neck in neck in their performances and in the battle.  No one really knew how the judges would go. When the judges announced it, I think people were really surprised because they came across as the underdog crew.

Back stage (‘the garage’ as they call it), where the crews hang out and are interviewed, there was a lot of support for the crews that were sent home.  Everyone was giving hugs and trying to console the crews going home.  We even heard one of the crews that was leaving tell the other crews to ‘bring it home for the East.’  It did seem like they had each other’s backs. One of the crews that got sent home had some members in tears and they took it VERY hard.  I think only “Artistry in Motion” from last season took it as hard as this crew.  Heads down, tears, just over all unhappy. The crews moved ahead were ecstatic and none were cocky.  All three were genuinely surprised they made it.

But you have to watch this show!  I think it’s going to really bring some competition to the West that has won it every year and we’re excited to see if the West can bring it as hard as the East did!

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