Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tanooki's take: Predictions and advice for ABDC's Music Video challenge

Hype 5-0: Alright so last week I said that Hype would need to come up with more wow factor to put them in the spotlight. I think that what they did was alright, but they need to establish dominance now or else they will be gone early. If they can incorporate stuff they had in the battles like the boat or police car then they might reclaim a high spot

Heavy Impact: They showed again how versatile they were with the unexpected flips and flexibility. Their vibe is very smooth, but to earn more votes I think they should incorporate more of their strength which is their size. Their choreo needs to improve and add some  strong-related aspect like krumping or lifting. A high energy performance would change a lot of people's minds

Poreotix: The only knock on their performance is that they need to spread out and show they can outdance other groups at their own thing, such as choreo and "flips". Most of the people who knew them before the show know they have backgrounds in choreo and bboying, and if they add that to their set, they can show their dominance.

Jungle Boogie: AND YOU GUYS WANTED GHOST TO MAKE IT...Haha but seriously they had the highlight of the night. Great enthusiasm and overall performance. People need to realize that this crew can be just as clean as the others. This definitely put them at the top of the crew standings for now, but to make sure they stay there they need another repeat performance

Royal Flush: do not sleep on this crew, there are two ways this crew can go

  1. They can't get an audience because they become too generic and become an early vote off, OR
  2. Their versatility will allow them to cover almost any challenge, which will snowball the support of the crew and make them a top contender. If the other crews don't "take them out" in the first few weeks, expect them to be in top 4
Blueprint: Again very clean in their choreography, but they need to find a "personality" other than being the clean crew. Static Noyze will always out-quirky them when it comes to story and creativity and Royal Flush has bboys as well as people who flip. So unless they have a strong showing next week, expect them to not make it far

Static Noyze: I like the different approach they had to the challenge. Their uniqueness probably gained them a lot more time. They should keep it up, but must make sure that they can still connect with the audience or else the public will see them as just that "artsy" crew

Saltare: Tons of stunts again. I loved their ability to switch ropes on the fly, and they showed a nice attempt at adding choreography. They most likely have enough stunts to last for weeks and wow new viewers. So their main job is to show that they can dance enough to be considered a "dancing" crew by those critics. If they are able to actually do a surprise dance, they could go much further than other people think

Side Note:
Biting- it is very hard to bite a "move" unless it's something specific like a flip to a headspin combo where no else expects it from anyone else but them. Biting is usually choreography. As long as they can help moves progress into more creative ways then it's not biting, it's called dancing haha
At the same time, I always thought it would be scary awesome for a crew to do a sort "Shoot the Moon" (Hearts anyone?) where they just look at a crew's choreo during a performance and can copy it on spot, just to show how simple their dancing was and how experienced the mirror crew is
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