Friday, February 26, 2010

"The 4th ABDC Judge" weighs in on Music Video Challenge

First off,  I’d like to thank everyone who read my reviews and commented. I got over 80 comments (of course, some were from me replying, but still) I never thought people would actually like it. So thank you. Also, I have read your opinions, and I will try to incorporate them into my review this time. So, let’s get started shall we?

POREOTIX  Yes, this was what I was hoping for! You are shutting people up, the people who think you're aren’t doing that good. I don’t know what it, maybe the fast movement, but I loved it. The fast popping in the beginning was sick. I thought it was very clean. I also liked the fact you used a prop. That’s not something quite easy to do, but you used it masterfully. My advice, like what JC said, it was still kinda easy for you guys, I know you can bring it, so please do. But overall, fantastic.
Slo-mo: Like what JC showed, that whole wave thing with you guys. It was so fast and so precise and I loved it. Good job Guys. 

JUNGLE BOOGIE: Wow, that was sick. Your performance was awesome. Personally, I was glad you got this Shakira song. I thought they’d give you She wolf because of the animals, but this was perfect. I love how you really used Raqi. For someone who doesn’t normally play sexy, I know that everyone here loved you. Also, you getting on the board, and dancing. I thought that was pretty cool. Also the wolf, showed which animal you were this week. And, what Lil Mama said when you combined stepping and cranking (I’d call it crepping or stanking) but it was hot. My advice, you guys still had a lot of energy, but I thought it went down just a tiny bit.
Slo-mo: When Raqi sat on the throne. It did show us that Raqi is in fact queen of the jungle. Loved your performance.

STATIC NOYZE: Static Noyze, you guys are still keeping it theatrical and that is great. I applaud you for using a prop, especially a big prop like a kart. But, like Omarion said, maybe you could have incorporated more. The ways you did incorporate it though were great. Like when (hope the name is right) Juan was flipped over the kart, sick. And how Suzette came out of the kart, shows once again her flexibility. Also, you highlighted a different member this week. Normally it was Suzette, now it’s Juan. Keeping doing that. My advice, when using a prop, use it in more ways. But overall, good job.
Slo-mo: The beginning when you were telling us the story. I think it was that your homeless, but you still live in the life of luxury. Once again, good job. 

 SALTARE: Once again, blowing the stage up with what you do. You once again wowed us with you stunts. The split over two guys into the ropes, the flip over the people to get into the ropes. You did mess up with the ladies. But, you still came back in and gave a great performance. And hey, doing all those moves in ropes is impressive. I feel however, it wasn’t your best performance. But it’s okay, it’s early in the season and you’ve got time to improve. I think you guys will go very far and just good job. (And, Thank you guys so much for answering my question! 
Slo-mo: When Tyler was going under Chaz while jumping rope, sick. Good job Saltare.
HEAVY IMPACT:  You guys are still bringing the groove and showing us what big boys can do. The whole splits and the flip over the head was nice. I feel like however, you used the video too much. I mean I know the challenge was to use the video, but when that was all done, I was hoping to see Heavy again. But, it was still great. You guys can still pop and lock. Don’t ever doubt yourself because you're big. You said that’s why people never picked you and you’re here to prove them wrong. My advice to this crew, Just don’t let challenge completely take over your choreo. I still wanna see that Heavy, I did your groovy style during the video part, just wanna see it more when you do the challenges. Just saying in the future, show more of heavy, when doing the challenges. Other then that, good job.
Slo-mo: When Leon blew a kiss to the crowd, playing to the ladies and I think the ladies like. Great job Heavy.

HYPE 5-0: Wow, this group always brings a surprise. The first one was when the ladies were on the railings and that was good. They reminded me of Fly Khicks during their group performance. I also liked how both girls were Brittney. You also played the sex appeal which is good because everyone knows Brittney for her sex appeal. The booty grooving and the guys grinding on the floor and the kiss. However, I also think that was your problem, you played the sex appeal a little too much. I can understand the booty grooving from the video, but what about the grinding and kiss? My advice, just cut back on he sexy a little.
Slo-mo: When you actually dismounted from the split. JC said you were sloppy, I disagree I thought I was good and for you to be in a split in the first place, that’s impressive. 

Bottom 2: I was actually excited for this bottom 2. I felt like these crews were flying under the radar and now they were forced to come out.

ROYAL FLUSH: I like you for your diverse dance styles. I did like your video, I thought it complemented  you well because I see you guys as a club crew. I liked the way you put your girl in the front. Gissette, I thought you did a much better job at your front of the group part. I know your challenge was breaking, but I think you did well. My advice, you’ve highlighted Gissette now 3 times. It’s not that you're bad Gissette, but other members in your crew need the spotlight as well.
Slo-mo: The card trick. You pulled off a magic trick with them and it was dope. When I see cards, I think magic (or poker). Good job.

BLUEPRINT CRU:  Hey Omarion, I better see these guys in your next video. Let’s start with you guys in the beginning with you all jumping around and what not. You were very excited I could tell and that was good. The whole Omarion part was good. The head stand was nice. But, 2 people did go down early. That was the only bump in your performance. Other than that, it was good.   

Slo-mo: Nick’s hand stand b-boying moves. Also, the group popping to the music. You were together and I thought it was good.

Walk it out: Best thing was the spins. They were cool. I will miss Royal Flush. The way they incorparted so many styles was nice.
Final Comments: Now a 5 in 7 chance a co-ed crew will win. Also, most of the crews actually used a prop.   Just thought I’d point that out. Hope you liked the review, leave a comment. Also, get ready to get your Gaga on.

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