Thursday, February 11, 2010

Preview from the Pressbox: Chris Trondsen on the West Coast audition show

Here's the rest of Chris' preview:

Right off the bat, the first crew that performed killed it.  It was a very strong performance and raised the level of energy in the crowd. When we talked to Omarion backstage, he admitted that the first week he was nice and kinda reserved when it came to judging, but now admits that he is determined to keep it real even if it upsets people and crews.  There were a couple boo’s from the audience this week after a few of the judge’s critiques.  

The atmosphere was different in press this week because when we walked in, there were already people sitting down on the couches in front of the big screen TV where we watch the show.  We soon found out that it was the parents of one of the crews.  It made it difficult because we usually cheer for the crews we like the best and discuss the crews we don’t but it made it hard when you knew the parents of one of the crews was sitting right in front of you.  It was funny to see them kinda arguing at the TV when Lil’ Mama made a comment about their children’s crew that they did not agree with at all.

There was a high point in the crews and a low point when it came to the initial performances.  When one crew was announced and then came on stage, they got cheered louder than any other crew.  There is clearly hype around them and already a crowd favorite.  Being from the west coast, and that the show is shot in the west coast, many people there had already seen this crew perform at different dance competitions and were already familiar with them.  Their performance did not disappoint.  They earned themselves a standing ovation after the performance was finished.

When it came to the low point, it wasn’t that the crew was flawed.  It was just they were not ready to be going up against crews of the caliber that were competing against them.   Like I said, they didn’t mess up or anything drastic, but after seeing the talent go before them, they just didn’t seem ready to be on the show.  They even said it themselves when we interviewed them back stage after they were sent home, that they felt they weren’t ready and are going to try harder to come back stronger next year. 
When the judges decided on which two crews were going to automatically make it through, one choice was pretty obvious but the second wasn’t.  Most of us felt that there were two really strong crews to choose from and were waiting to see which of the two they chose.   The other really strong crew that they didn’t chose at first, ended up being the third spot after the battle.  They were clearly the strongest of the 3 crews when it came down to the battle.

Like I said earlier, this show is good.  You have three really strong crews that made it through that were instant crowd favorites, and you had one solid crew to watch.  And one crew’s battle was amazing to watch as well. You will hear a song by an artist you probably never thought that you’d hear on ABDC ever with an equally unique performance by the crew that uses it.

Omarion admits that him and JC just don’t see eye to eye at all and that this season you will probably see much more arguing between them because they come from two different school’s of thought. Regardless of if you feel that a good crew was sent home or not, one thing you can agree on is that this season looks like it’s going to be a really good one and I’m excited to see all the crews that made it back on stage together. Most of the southern and eastern crews that have made it were in the audience, and they actually taped a mini part of each crew dancing to the music the DJ was   playing so look out for cameos by each of the crews that made it so far on tonight’s taping!

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