Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tanooki's take on the ABDC5 top 9

Jungle Boogie: very energetic with a bouncy style too them. If they are able to show more versatility and cleaner wow moments, then they could last a while. Not exactly champ material yet

Swagger Crew
: the overall hip hop crew that could probably “outdance” most of the crews when it comes to choreography. But unless they get creative and move away from just doing moves we’ve seen before, they will start recycling moves like Rhythm City
Royal Flush: true underdog in the competition here. Based on their battle, they can probably do much more than what we saw, the longer they stay the better they will get for sure. So don’t expect them to be front runners, but if they make it to the final 4, they will be a force to be reckoned with by then

Blueprint: just so clean when it comes to choreography, they seem more adaptable to challenges than Swagger Crew. They need to define their style just a bit more. They also need more WOW moments to be recognized at the start or else they will be forgotten in the sea of Poreotics and Hype 5-0 and Swagger Crew votes. If they manage to show off their style, then they have a good chance of going top 3
Static Noyze: their diverse dance ability and quirkiness is what helps this group stand out. Since this is a much more “choreo” based Season 5, they can go top 5 easily as long as they can show that their dancing is fresh and still entertaining 
Saltare: this crew would be on the far end of the Stunt Crew-Choreo Crew spectrum, with very little “choreo/dancing”.  They need to show that they are able to at least dance, or people will label them as that-crew-with-the-jumpropes. If they add just a little more choreo to balance themselves out, they could possibly make it TOP 3! Yes -- because if they can out-stunt Status Quo/Legendary 7, then they can bring in a lot of viewer votes, especially since their uniqueness will guarantee them a spot on majority of the ABDC promos

Poreotics: basically the “frontrunner” of ABDC 5 due to their different approach to dancing. Once they show how versatile they are in their style, they are guaranteed at least top 3 because their audition didn’t fully show their skill, 

Heavy Impact: they are like the “these guys are cool, I don’t want to see them leave because they have sooooo much heart” crew. To avoid being labelled as the "fat crew", they need to be able to dance to the speed of the challenges and get more wow moments.  I loved their enthusiasm and I think that they have a hidden talent of strength in their crew, I don’t think the other crews have  guys as imposing and strong. If they incorporate strength into their routines they can go far
Hype 5-0
: Mahalo!!! I don’t know what I said but it sounds Hawaiian. This crew is the very upbeat tempo crew; give them any dance song and they will kill it. We need to see if they can handle the slower parts of hip hop, which I’m sure they can.  They also need to make a big statement of their wow factor or else other choreo crews like Static Noyze, Swagger Crew, and Royal Flush can outshine them

As a side note, wouldn’t it be weird if the top 3 were Poreotics/Jabbawockeez, Hype5-0/Kaba Modern, Saltare/Status Quo???? And it played out the same way?

Thanks Tanooki!
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